Findhorn Forgiveness Conference 2013 – Day Six

This morning, Pierre Pradervand is our presenter in this emotionally moving and fulfilling conference here at Findhorn.

Pierre relates one of the most remarkable stories of forgiveness in practise. He has been in contact with and championing the cause of Roger McGowen who has been on death row in the USA for 27 years for a crime we know he did not commit. Yet his is not a story of bitter recrimination and anger, but of compassion and forgiveness. ForgivenessDay6-1He refuses to see himself as a victim, instead expanding on the theme Richard Olivier offered yesterday – What if everything in my life happened for a reason? – and so begins a journey of spiritual awakening.

Together, Roger and Pierre wrote a book, Messages of Life from Death Row, a compilation of some of the letters Roger wrote to Pierre and a few pen-pals during the years 1990-2009. It has become a source of inspiration and spiritual guidance to many across the globe with its messages of deep spiritual understanding. Click here for more about this enlightening book.

When Pierre knew he would be presenting at this conference he asked Roger to write a message to all the participants who would be here, a message about forgiveness. Click here to read Roger’s beautiful, uplifting, inspirational message.

I think the measure of our spiritual consciousness is gauged by our willingness to forgive.

Roger McGowen

This afternoon we move into Open Space, a time for all participants to more personally and actively engage in this conference. Whoever has a subject they’d like to bring for discussion is invited to post that subject on a board, after which we break into groups to further explore and discuss. This event has certainly touched many as a queue of willing hosts quickly forms inviting deeper exploration of so much that the presenters’ topics have opened in us.

Tomorrow morning there will be more Open Space time before the closing sharing tomorrow afternoon and celebratory evening.

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Chris Brown

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