Findhorn Forgiveness Conference 2013 – Day Five

When I join the other participants in the Universal Hall this morning I’m welcomed by the beautiful harmonic tones of Georgian singing. Phillida follows with another one-woman-with-guitar performance, together with a chorus of a hundred or more voices as we belt out Love Can Build Bridge. The lyrics speak of building a bridge between people, but Phillida reminds us that love can build a bridge between all the parts of ourselves too.

Love can build a bridge
Between your heart and mine
Love can build a bridge
Don’t you think it’s time
Don’t you think it’s time

Richard Olivier, a frequent visitor and workshop presenter at Findhorn, leads this morning’s presentations. He poses the question, a big what if… What if everything in my life happened for a reason? And what if some part of me chose it? And then he leads us in search of the answer.

He starts and finishes with “We are what we make of our pain” and in between he fills in the gaps and answers the question. He tells us of mythological stories and initiatory rites of passage practised in some cultures; quotes stirring passages from literature and great poets of understanding; relates the symbolic life struggle as experienced by Shakespeare’s character Hamlet as he moves from “To be or not to be” to “Let be”. He closes his presentation with a beautiful life-affirming poem translated from it’s native Spanish, I am not I, which leaves us all captivated.

SobonfuSome2013We enjoy a brief comical moment as conference co-focaliser Robin Shohet, flanked by two very much taller co-hosts, introduces Sobonfu Some. It is said, says one of them, that when the white man went to Africa it was to look for gold. Unfortunately it was the wrong gold! What follows is clearly precious as Sobonfu walks us through the different types of grief that we can experience. “How does forgiveness relate to all this?” she asks, “Both are intensely personal and start within.”

Sobonfu will be leading a grief ritual this afternoon, with this morning’s presentation being an introduction and preparation for it. Being of a very intensely personal nature for the all the participants, we were not able to film and record it.

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Chris Brown

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