Findhorn Forgiveness Conference 2013 – Day Four

It’s Wednesday morning, another bright sunny day here in the north east of Scotland as the sun shines its blessing on us all at this wonderful conference. It seems like it coming as a bit of a surprise to some of us just how deep we find ourselves in this process of exploring forgiveness and what that means, individually and collectively as a community.

This morning Stephanie Mines continues our enquiry by looking at the physiology of forgiveness, how energies sit in our nervous system and how we can deal with it. “My purpose here is to be useful to you, to provide resources” she shares, and in support of that she points us to her website where she has made available all the information she shares with us today. ForgivenessDay4-1Not burdened with trying to capture her presentation with note-taking, we are relaxed but attentive as she goes on to expand and explain her subject, even including a demonstration with a willing participant.

After a short breather Maria Arpa, founder of the Centre For Peaceful Solutions charity, introduces us to mediation, and more specifically how she sees the marriage between mediation and forgiveness. Her relaxed, easy-going manner makes this session seem like having a chat with a friend over a coffee, yet it is as absorbing as it is informative. She, too, closes with a short demonstration of her mediation practice, to be concluded during her workshop later in the day.

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Chris Brown

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