Dressed for Dancing

Leslie Hill lived and worked in the Findhorn Foundation for five years, initially thinking she’d only be here for Experience Week but then feeling the call for a longer stay. In this very touching and at the same time very humorous account, Leslie reminisces about her time in the Foundation. Stewart Friendship, a long-time friend, offers this review.

DressedforDancingcoverWhen Leslie Hill first arrived in the Findhorn Foundation she was still grieving the death of her husband, still furious at God for leaving her a widow and none too sure about ‘spiritual communities.’ But she had also been feeling out of place in her own life in Toronto, Canada, and seemed unable to bring about change, or even to know what change might look like.

One Experience Week, one Game of Transformation, one Life Purpose and a three month stint in LCG persuaded her change was possible but required a longer stay. Dubious about the ‘attunement process’ and disliking housework, she landed in Cluny Homecare as a service department. It took nearly three months and a lot of patience from her focaliser and the rest of the department to transform her into an enthusiastic Homecare Queen. Despite her reservations about spirituality and community, there was no turning back.

This is a funny and touching look at one woman’s five year transformation from an angry misfit into a full-fledged community member, able to hold her temper as well as the guests and willing to live with unanswered questions.

David Spangler calls it “hands down the best book I’ve read in years about the modern Findhorn Foundation community.”

Dressed for Dancing: My Sojourn in the Findhorn Foundation is available from Amazon.

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Stewart Friendship

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