Findhorn Forgiveness Conference 2013 – Day Three

After some wonderful singing with Phillida to welcome us into the day’s proceedings, during which she surprises a few by leading a round of ‘Happy Birthday’ to fellow participants celebrating birthdays today, Robin introduces Marina Cantacuzino.

Marina relates her journey founding The Forgiveness Project, a charity really about enquiry and exploration, and her work with offenders in prisons. She is joined by colleague and fellow explorer Camilla Carr who tells of her drive to stop the cycles of violence and vengeance after her kidnap experience in Chechnya. The insights they offer from their work is truly enlightening.

ForgivenessDay3-1A short break and Jo Berry and Pat Magee share the floor. Jo’s father, a Member of Parliament, had been killed in 1984 in Brighton by an IRA bomb planted by Pat, an IRA activist at the time. Years later, in November 2000, they have the opportunity to meet and what comes out of that initial meeting surprises them both. We are held in awe as these two very personable people share how they discovered each other’s humanity in a deeply moving and loving way, and have taken their story of reconciliation and forgiveness around the world.

This has been a morning of wonder and encouragement.

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Chris Brown

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