Findhorn Forgiveness Conference 2013 – Day Two

Not strictly day two yet, still day one and the evening session with Phillida Anam-Aire.

Phillida welcomes us into this time with her with the greeting “Good evening everybody who is here, and everybody who is not here, good evening.” Although she currently lives in Germany close to the Austrian border, Phillida hails from Ireland and it is soon evident to us that she carries the lore and magic of the place close to her as she mesmerises us through the evening.

She starts with a one-woman-and-guitar rendition of Through The Eyes Of Love, segueing straight into a beautiful celtic blessing that sets the tone for a time of delight and joy together. She breaks the hush that follows her blessing by inviting someone who feels so called to light the candle centrepiece and offer their blessing to the gathering. Responding, Andrew steps forward…

From Africa to Scotland
From the farthest reaches of the world
May we know peace
In the noise and in the silence
May we know peace

The rest of our time with Phillida moves us from moments of deep inner quiet to a rousing outbreak of I Love You Baby! She closes our session as she opened it, with another beautiful song to carry us off into the night.

ForgivenessDay2-1Day two, and Sunday morning breaks bright and sunny in north east Scotland. The hall seems fuller this morning, and Robert Holden welcomes us all back after the earlier session of Taizé singing.

Robert takes us into forgiveness from the point of view of A Course In Miracles, a book he shares has had a big influence on his spiritual inquiring. He describes it as “A love letter written from our soul to our ego” and gives us a few insights into its teachings around forgiveness. It is clear that there are questions and comments arising in the room so we break into a fishbowl session where participants are invited to dialogue what has been stimulated in them. A little later than scheduled we break for lunch and probably much more stimulating discussion.

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Chris Brown

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