Findhorn Forgiveness Conference 2013 – Day One

It’s Saturday afternoon and the Universal Hall is quickly filling – with people and anticipation – for the opening session of the Findhorn Forgiveness Conference 2013.

The general hubbub conversation drops as the tones of the bagpipes fill the hall and a Scottish piper enters to set a bright tone and start proceedings. Conference co-focalisers Robin Shohet and Ilsemarie Weber then welcome us all and, in time-honoured Findhorn tradition, they light a candle centrepiece and dedicate this event to world peace.

ForgivenessDay1-1The subject of forgiveness is gently shifted from a general concept to a personally held state of being as Robin and Ilsemarie share what forgiveness means to them, and how they found themselves volunteering to host this second Findhorn Forgiveness Conference, the first being 14 years ago. When they ask how many present had also attended that event quite a few hands go up.

One by one the presenters and workshop facilitators are invited to introduce themselves and their particular themes for this conference, each also adding a small candle to the centrepiece. As they do so I feel the atmosphere in the hall deepen as each of their offerings finds a place in our hearts, and as we identify with what it was that called us all here at this time. I also sense an eagerness to dive into this subject of forgiveness – how it can help heal individual wounds and help to heal the world, one heart at a time. And you can too…

You can follow this conference online through our webstreaming service.

Click here to register for live streaming as well as on-demand viewing at a time that suits you. All the streamed sessions will remain available for four weeks from today so you will also be able to view individual sessions as many times as you like.

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Chris Brown

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