Communion with Spirit through Song

Through our over 25 years’ experience of organising, teaching and celebrating through song at Findhorn, Bill Henderson, Kate O’Connell, Barbara Swetina and myself have witnessed the tremendous power of singing as a path of healing and transformation. So we decided to invite five of our favourite singers to Findhorn, thus giving birth to EarthSings – Singing for Unity and Wellbeing, our Easter conference taking place 30 March to 5 April. As our most recent opportunity to come to Findhorn and sing, this week promises to be a deep experience of communion with spirit through song for everyone who is able to join us.

Some of our highest experiences at Findhorn have come through the sharing of Gospel songs, so we are very excited to have Kathy Bullock here for the first time. Michael Stillwater, who we have been trying to get to visit for a long time, is coming at last. His way of guiding groups in creating and honouring songs is something we so much look forward to experiencing. Frank Kane is a regular visitor to Findhorn and we appreciate the way he holds the Georgian tradition and expands our ways of opening up to song. Ali Burns was commissioned by Kate O’Connell to write several songs and the resulting performance was one of our singing highlights from last year. And with Fionntullach leading the way, we look forward to embracing the Celtic traditions of this ancient land that we are the caretakers of.

Woven around our visiting presenters are offerings from our own community singers. It is this participation of the community in the EarthSings conference that we particularly cherish. It will truly be a blessing for us to share the joys of community song with all of you who are able to come.

Peter Vallance
Conference organiser

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