Time of Change

In this great time of transition in the world, significant change is reflected in the community right now with many movements within the co-worker body. We have always been a place where some are called to stay and become strong pillars here while others are called to share the spirit of Findhorn out in the world.

PeopleComm005During this interesting and exciting time, we’re delighted to share news with our global community about the various changes and developments unfolding here. Many of you will know the people mentioned from your participation in programmes and your time living in Cluny and The Park…

Monica Böni left the Spiritual and Personal Development team at the end of last year, after 14 years of service in the community, and Micaela Aminoff has picked up the reins beautifully as the new focaliser. “I have learnt and grown so much during my time here; I am so grateful for this place called Findhorn, for Eileen, Dorothy and Peter and all that keeps it going,” Monica expressed. “Words can’t really describe the feeling in me, but I know I have been touched in the core of my being, and this is what I bring wherever I go.”

After three phases within Communications over a period of nearly twenty years Eva Ward is now on sabbatical for twelve months. Eva will be looking after the Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Centre Marpa House in the south of England that she’s been closely connected to for many years. “I’ll then return to Findhorn for the next part of my adventure!” Chris Brown has stepped into the role of focaliser of Communications and new member of the Management Team. He is shouldering the new responsibility well with the full support of his colleagues. Thank you Chris for taking this big step!

Universal HallCarin Bolles has been in Communications for seven years and held the role of Public Relations with great care and attention to detail, combined with a strong passion for the community and eco village. Prior to PR Carin worked in the Visitors Centre for two summers, as well as previous incarnations in both Cluny and Park Kitchen after her Experience Week in 1999. “It’s a bittersweet feeling leaving this job and the organisation,” she says. “I’ve had fun and received such love and support from all kinds of beings in my time here.” Mo Haley has stepped into the role with great enthusiasm and the job is in the right hands!

After a year in her new role of Guest Department focaliser Ursula Pfahler is expecting her firstborn with Rolf Iversen in a few months time. Jörn Fiebig will be co-focalising the Guest Department with Ineke Vollebregt, a wonderful team of great wisdom and many years of experience. Over the next few months there will be more change for the GD team. It looks like an inspiring year ahead with creativity called forth on many different levels. More news will be revealed in future community news pages….

Cullerne FriederikeFriederike Hansmann has called Findhorn home for the last seven years and has been a passionate and dedicated focaliser of Cullerne Garden. She is now following her heart to live with her partner in Germany, (who amazingly lives in the same area where she grew up), and hopefully work with animals as she takes the light of Findhorn out into the world. Luke Whitney and Ash Balderson have stepped into the role of co-focalising this special garden. There is a tangible excitement in the air surrounding this new partnership of co-creation with nature, with the garden devas joining the celebration.

Jim Brown has released the role of focalising Park Maintenance and will be returning to the States with his French wife Prisca Foures who has been the Park LES Manager since 2011. Jim has passed the baton onto Pete Salmon who has supported many projects in the team during his time in the department. Rossana Bonanno has stepped naturally into Prisca’s role after a graceful interview and a year of having worked closely together with Prisca.

cluny014Changes are taking place in Cluny Hill too. Astrid Gude will be stepping out from co-focalisation of the LCG programme in March and into the wider community, and Dominique Remi has just attuned to the role with great delight. Gabriella Zunser is moving on from focalising Cluny Homecare and joining the Bookings team, which continues to go from strength to strength. The new homecare focaliser of Cluny on the Hill is yet to be revealed…

The attunement process to fill the role of Chair of Management is in full flow. After an amazing five years of guiding the Community Ana Rhodes Castro will be releasing the role, supporting the new person and sharing her enormous experience with the community in ongoing yet new ways. An announcement will be made in the coming weeks when the decision-making journey involving Trustees, Management, Findhorn Foundation Council and the co-worker body concludes in the coming weeks. Thank you for all your love and support as we move through these many personal and collective transitions….

Christine Lines

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