A long tradition

It’s a long-standing Findhorn tradition to arrange a New Year’s Day swim in the North Sea off Findhorn beach – the Polar Bear Swim. Regardless of the weather, each year a bunch of intrepid dippers brave the elements in the North Sea. This year the weather has been kindly mild by Scottish mid-winter standards – no snow or ice but still crisply cold.

Polar Bear Swim 2013 -1

Alan Watson-Featherstone

For some, like our guests who are here on one of our programmes, this is a memorable first time experience; for others who live here, this is a time-honoured way to see in the coming year and a ritual which they have carried out for many years.

This year Alan Watson-Featherstone, long-standing Findhorn Community member and Trees For Life founder and Executive Director, bused a group of hardy souls to Findhorn beach where a group of 30 or so duly upheld this tradition, greeting the freezing temperatures with squeals and shouts of delight and general merriment. The tide was high as well, with the waves lapping up the shingles so it was not far to go to plunge into the ocean.

For Alan, this was his 35th consecutive polar bear swim, all but two having been here at Findhorn.

It was then off to the sauna and hot tub to complete the ritual and warm up the fingers and toes. Until we do it all again in 365 days time.

Polar Bear Swim 2013 -2

Chris Brown

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