Gaia Award 2012

Gaia Trust today presented the Gaia Award 2012 to two global peace and sustainability projects: The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) and Gaia Education, which has collected the experiences of GEN into one common curriculum for the whole Earth.

GaiaAward2012The award in particular honours five key people, representing these two organisations, who have made an extraordinary contribution to holistic education towards a more sustainable world.

Three men, Declan Kennedy, Max Lindegger and Albert Bates, travelled the five continents and created GEN networks in all parts of the world from 1995 to 2008. They share the prize with the present head of GEN, Kosha Joubert, who just set up an African network, and May East who for seven years has been at the head of Gaia Education and facilitated a network in South America. Together they have been important midwifes in giving birth to a new global culture.

Both Kosha and May enjoy close connections with Findhorn. May lived in The Park for many years where, amongst other activities, she managed CIFAL Findhorn (now CIFAL Scotland). Kosha has recently settled in the local area and is actually facilitating a workshop at the Foundation this week titled Transition to Resilience. Together with her workshop group, she planted a tree to commemorate the event.

The Findhorn Foundation and Community are delighted that they are being honoured with this award. Our congratulations Kosha and May on being recognised as such wonderful pioneers of spirit!

Chris Brown

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