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Building upon the strong sense of one incredible family that was evident during our 50th birthday celebrations, the Findhorn Foundation and community have been inspired to actively support and participate in Birth2012. Initiated by Barbara Marx Hubbard along with Stephen Dinan, Birth2012 is an invitation to each one of us to join with others to help birth a unified, more enlightened humanity.

Birth2012LogoNow is the time. There are many prophecies in indigenous cultures throughout the world regarding the end of 2012. In the Mayan calendar, 21st December is the end of a very long cycle with 22nd December as day one of a new cycle. We are being given the opportunity to co-create a planetary shift into a new era in which we consciously evolve together and manifest a positive and sustainable future for us all.

During the Three Days of Love, beginning on 20th December and culminating on the 22nd with a planetary birth day, millions of people will join worldwide in major events, a global webcast, acts of love and unifying spiritual practices. Findhorn is one of many hubs around the world taking part in the webcast and on 22nd there will be live streaming from the Universal Hall in Findhorn for one hour (11.30am to 12.30pm GMT) as part of the global broadcast of the 30+ hours of streaming, as described in the ‘Global Webcast Programme’ (see link below to join the hub). Focusing on our three founding principles – inner listening, connection with all life and inspired action – in a light-filled and light-hearted way, we will offer our love, generosity and friendship to one and all.

On each Saturday from now, leading up to the 22nd, there will be a Sound and Silence meditation from 5-6pm in the Main Sanctuary at The Park where we’ll come together to open our hearts and encourage the shift within each one of us. You are welcome to join us by tuning in during those times from wherever you are.

If you would like to join the ‘Findhorn Hub’ and chat with other viewers from the Findhorn Foundation’s global network, you can do this by visiting the Hub Map. Click on the ‘pin’ in the map where Findhorn is, and from the pop-up window you can click ‘join group’. Finally, enter your details and you will be online in the chat room.

You may also want to visit Three Days Of Love and The Shift Network.

Sandra Mitchell

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