An Old Spade Wins Over Hearts

Friday night. Our 50th birthday celebrations are over the mid-point hump but the energy is still very vibrant. It’s been a heartwarming time, being in the midst of community members of old as they recognise each other over meals, 50thbdayFri1or a cup of tea, or across a crowded Universal Hall. And a wonderful time for us current members to connect with our community ancestors and strengthen our historic bonds.

And it’s auction night – a grand auction of memorabilia and gifts donated for this evening as a fundraiser towards building new staff accommodation in The Park. Peter Vallance banged the gavel and made a masterful auctioneer, while Ash Balderson as his luscious assistant supported his efforts in creating a successful evening of great fun and laughter and raising money towards the goal of new staff housing.


The old spade then...

The highlight of the auction was undoubtedly Peter Caddy’s original spade. One of the Findhorn Community co-founders, Peter embodied the spirit of service as love in action, and his old spade has been a revered symbol of this enduring principle. It’s really not just any old spade! The current custodian,who had himself won it during another auction a few years back, had donated it to the Community for tonight’s fundraising auction. Bids were soon flying at Peter and Ash, with ex-members John Clausen and Mel Kaushansky eventually winning the prized item for £735! In chasing the bidding to ensure they won, though, John and Mel had a plan….


...and now, with John & Mel

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon and we all gather to witness the burial of a time capsule (on which there will be more in future news pages). John steps forward to announce that it had always been his and Mel’s intention to donate the spade to Park Garden, and Mel, with little ceremony but lots of heart, hands the spade to Kajedo Wanderer and Leslie Downing, who graciously accept this wonderful gift on behalf of the whole Park Garden team as the new custodians. There is a feeling that the old spade is back in its spiritual home, and much gratitude to John and Mel for their heartfelt donation.

Later on Sunday afternoon, during the completion session in the Universal Hall, Kajedo again thanked Mel and John for their gracious donation and voiced that this old spade really represented the spirit of generosity of Peter Caddy.

Chris Brown

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