Lighting the Next 50 Years

The Hall was full to overflowing on Saturday morning as the community gathered for our global meditation, linking in with Iona, Erraid and friends of Findhorn all over the world. Judy McAllister led the meditation with her clear and soothing voice and together we renewed the network of light, creating a chalice of layers, containing all those past and present, the founders, the elders, the teachers of the elders, along with the invisible realms.

50thbdayMonpm4After the silence there was time for sharing, amidst an atmosphere of warmth, love and great togetherness. I felt a deep healing in the presence of so many representatives of the community being together, as if all barriers between different groups had been dissolved and we had truly merged into one incredible family, in a sense of timeless union.

Ana Rhodes, focaliser of the Foundation, expressed her profound gratitude to the community. “It has changed my life and given me the opportunity to truly meet the face of God. I could cry with joy right now.”

Being witness to personal sharing from many people in the Hall we also felt the grief of the planet, recognised our role in holding pain and conflict and the importance of spreading healing energy around the world. It was a time to remember our roots and the knowledge that everything stems from the divine.

50thbdaySat1Robin Alfred shared an image of a strong tree by the river with a broad trunk and beautiful green foliage, growing a variety of different fruits. “It was a magical tree, representing the magic of Findhorn that has always been here and always will.”

From the roots of our foundation we grow ever stronger, more expansive than we are today. “We grew a tree in a northern desert, a tree called Findhorn, illuminated from within,” said Kajedo Wanderer. “Insects and birds carried seeds from the tree and all around little trees grew, becoming bigger than the original tree, all of them home to a myriad of beings.”

The seeds planted years ago have influenced the world in more ways than could ever have been imagined. So many lives have been touched through the surrendering of personal will to a higher will, by Peter, Eileen and Dorothy. People stood up to be seen in their power and shared how their lives have been influenced by the transformative energy of the Findhorn community that is anchored so deeply in the land.

“This is a special place,” said Pamala Joy. “The rest of the world is also special and many of us are about to return to other parts. Bioneers8If out there we don’t find what we find here we have the capacity to create it, in every situation, in every single choice we make.”

Judy expressed gratitude for the one person who is still with us who embodies that very capacity. “Dorothy has sat for sixty years with her understanding of God, with dedication, commitment and energy.” And with these words we were encouraged to spend time expressing gratitude to each other as we left the Hall to embrace the energy of the day.

When we returned in the afternoon for the ritual and celebration, I was acutely aware of the presence of the Caddy family, eight members of the second and third generations, sitting in the row in front and feeling so grateful for their presence, linking me with the very foundation of the place I love.

02_16Dorothy lit the candle to symbolise the lighting of the next fifty years and David Spangler joined us via pre-recorded video to offer a special blessing. “Over the years Findhorn has become a sacred place in the minds of many, a true grail, in which the spirit of hope, a vision for the future has come to live.

“There is something mythic, powerful and legendary about Findhorn and the spirit of the place which you have helped to create and whose fifty years you are celebrating,” David said. “Recognise and honour the grail that you have shaped, which has come out of your dreams, your lives, your efforts and will continue to radiate for years ahead as a beacon of vision and hope for humanity.”

One by one David lit four candles: the blessing of space, expanding our awareness to all of Findhorn; the blessing of self, appreciating our own uniqueness; the blessing of others with whom we join in heart and mind; and the blessing of the work, the activity in which we engage.

50thbdaySat2We then moved into a space of letting go and transformation. “Has anyone ever felt slightly annoyed or upset during their time in the community?” Margo von Greta asked to the amusement of everyone present. We had two minutes to get over it in a collective wail, singing and drumming preparing us first with the lyrics, “Deep down inside of me there’s a fire going on, part of me wants to sing about the light and part of me just wants to cry, cry, cry.”

As the energy lifted we stood to scream and shake it all out of our system. After the release of emotion Craig Gibsone made long, deep sounds from the conch shell to clear the space.

It was a beautiful afternoon of dance and music and into this atmosphere of love and wisdom the green Genie Loci arrived, the spirit of the place, with a lovely Scottish lilt and birthday wishes from the nature beings to us all. 50thbdaySat3“I wish you knew the power of your wishing,” she said. “There is nothing you cannot call into being. I wish you would realise the blessing that you are. As you go from here carry Findhorn in your heart, you’ll be blessing wherever you are.”

The past was ever present and interwoven with the future. Becky and Niko, current community members, shared a folk song from the 70s, written by The New Troubadours formed by David Spangler in the early years. This newer version of I Dreamed A Dream was dreamy and hopeful, the lyrics as meaningful today as before and imbued with joy and optimism.

In the next moment Laura Shannon danced like a swallow swirling in the sky, as baskets of blessings were offered throughout the audience. Joined by a circle of dancers, fingers gently interlinked and holding candles, flickering light shone in the darkness as they swayed from side to side.

With Barbara Swetina we honoured our ancestors in the South African gospel song Noyana, the words translating into ‘one day we will all meet in paradise’. Soft angelic voices merged into one as we sang to the heavens in sombre tones. The afternoon celebration came to a conclusion with a more joyful energy in the Caribbean version of Hallelujah. We sang to our friends around the world, Halle Halle Halle Lu-uu-jah, over and over again, dancing, clapping and waving, sending out blessings of joy, feeling the very essence in our hearts and souls, I could have kept singing forever.

(Click on the image below to enjoy the Hallelujah song.)

Christine Lines

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