A Day for the Game

Amongst the many activities and projects happening during this special week, the Birthday Team arranged to play a unique one-day version of the Transformation Game® following a life-sized Game path laid out on the floor of the Universal Hall.

As well as the InnerLinks facilitators who live here, Mary Inglis, Judy McAllister and Susie Schwartz, we were also privileged to have as Game guides Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake, the creators of the Game.


Mary Inglis, Judy McAllister, Susie Schwartz (seated), Kathy Tyler & Joy Drake

Joy and Kathy lived at Findhorn in the 70s, during which time they created and developed the Transformation Game®, first offering it as a workshop in 1978. They currently live in the USA where they run InnerLinks, however, they frequently return to Findhorn to teach and are also Findhorn Fellows.

An almost full house of birthday celebrants, from the community past and present, loved, laughed and cried together, sharing meditation, healing and insights, as we worked with the following purpose;

Individually and collectively,
we intend
to align with the core impulse of the Findhorn Community,
honouring the past,
embracing the present,
and shaping the future in a spirit of openness, partnership and hope

Everyone was invited to be a player and those willing put their name on a small piece of paper in the bowl. We divided into teams of three, our buddy groups, for periodic sharing, process and reflection during the day. As players stepped forward, the rest of us sat in the supporting role of witness and as one we felt the transformative power of the Game.

To begin, our Guardian Angel was called forth from the subtle realms and we rejoiced in the quality of Vision. It seemed to consolidate the Spirit of the Future, which has been our focus throughout the year. There was a sense of our vision expanding even further to embrace the great potential of this new era as we cross the threshold and move beyond 2012.

For the first time in the Game’s history we played on the levels of past, present and future. Bettina Jespersen, past focaliser of the Foundation, was the first name pulled randomly from the bowl and she stepped forward to play with her team, Ana Rhodes Castro, current focaliser, and Nadasree Gadas, representing the possibilities of the future. The magic of this first trio simply confirmed for me the presence of the Game Deva.

During play we worked actively with forgiveness and together expressed the affirmation – “I did the best I could and forgive myself now”. Releasing the past we stepped into the present with confidence, where we were blessed with much awareness, including language, forgiveness, dreams, participation and stillness, all so relevant to our community. We moved through stress and chaos with presence and self reflection and the game kept flowing in a graceful way.

The next insight provided a beautiful reminder – “You discover that the more you give of yourself freely in service the more you are given to give”. The Angels of Depth and Purification were there to support us and we witnessed a depth of sharing that offered healing for women everywhere and a deeper sense of sisterhood, brotherhood.


We moved into the future without major obstacles and Robin Alfred, Chair of Trustees, shared his understanding of the four angelic qualities that joined us on this level. "We need relaxation and acceptance to build resilience and this is necessary to fuel our exploration." There was a collective appreciation that the game indicated the way forward so clearly and emphasised the importance of balance.

Kathy, Joy, Mary and Judy guided us through the game with focus and humour and there was lightness in the air, as well as honesty and openness. The bridging insights, to help us take the experience of the Game into our lives, are cards we can all contemplate and work with;

The Past
Your wisdom and maturity inspire changes inside and out.

The Present
Your personality is radiant with prosperity.

The Future
Having fun in life doesn't mean you're avoiding pain.

The Game affirmed our incredibly strong foundation; fifty years of wisdom and experience that inspires change amongst all those who live here and the many who visit from around the world. In this centre of light we laugh and cry and serve with love, as we hold and actively participate in the vision of transformation that is embodied here and continues to reveal itself as the next fifty years begin now to unfold…

Chris Brown & Christine Lines

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