Magic of Moontree

MoontreeAround two years of visioning, planning, fundraising and manifesting have resulted in the reality of Moontree, a small building in tune and in harmony with nature, and the new home for the Park Garden department. A celebration was enjoyed for the opening on Friday, with a huge thank you to the Community and to all who have been so supportive.

It became clear quite early on that this project had its own radiant spirit – and its inspiration and vision have drawn forth support from many unexpected sources. To name just two: The Julia Butterfly-Hill Foundation helped financially and a lot of the furnishings have been donated by an Italian company which produces furniture from 100% recycled wood.

IMG_3301The Park Garden team are working to create edible landscapes in The Park, planting fruit and nut trees, and more than 100 soft fruit bushes. They are also consciously creating a bee-friendly environment.

The photographs show the new entrance, the moontree, created by Paddy Atkinson from a design by Inga Orsi, and a scene from the celebration with Amanda, Inga, Paddy and Rona (Park Garden Focaliser).

Photos by Geoff Dalglish

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