Lost and Found

I first met Geoff, a fellow South African, or more precisely fellow ex-South African, in 2009 when he visited the Findhorn Foundation to participate in the EVT programme. Since then the allure of Findhorn has drawn him back until he now calls the Findhorn Foundation his spiritual home. GeoffDalglishbookIt was here that the seed of Earth Pilgrim Africa, which had perhaps lain dormant until then, germinated, as Geoff recounts in his delightful and engaging book Lost And Found.

Written with hard-to-put-down appeal that makes this an easy and rewarding read, Geoff takes us from one adrenalin-fuelled adventure to another, a seeker looking for fulfilment and trying to find it in excitement. That was then. Now the pace is somewhat slower as, wearing his Earth Pilgrim Africa mantle, he steps out on a mission to walk the symbolic circumference of the earth with the message of living simply and sustainably. There’s a noticeable skip in the walk, though, and the same excitement and enthusiasm he met his petrolhead days with, he exudes now in his pilgrim quest.

Reading each chapter as it chronicles another indelible step along life’s path is like a guided walk through the garden of Geoff – this flower is an early recollection of going to the local park astride his dad’s shoulders, and this bush is a gut-wrenching overland expedition through Africa which even needed armed soldiers guarding them through bandit country, and, wow, this one is standing on top of Africa’s highest peak… and over here are the delicate but enduring answers to a desperate prayer for inner guidance and life inspiration.

Geoff DalglishEach story is told with candour and honesty which make this memoir all the more endearing. Self-possessed adrenalin junkie is recounted with openness and honesty that I imagine might have made him blush in the writing, but the same passion is as evident in the awakened pilgrim and nature addict.

Geoff has found his passion as this book clearly demonstrates.

Lost and Found is published by Findhorn Press and is available to buy from Findhorn Press or Amazon.

Chris Brown

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