Findhorn’s 50th Birthday Book

The eagerly awaited Findhorn 50th Birthday Book, capturing the history of the past and the spirit of the future, has arrived! A colourful 144 pages filled with photographs and stories, the book reflects the rich diversity of our growing community.

Birthday Book, Adriana

Adriana with the book

Compiled by Adriana Sjan Bijman, the book was launched on Monday 2nd July in the Universal Hall with a powerpoint presentation and sharing about how the book evolved. Adriana then presented Dorothy Maclean with a copy, the one person in the audience who was here 50 years ago when it all began.

James Hubbell’s firebird glass design, which hangs in the Upper Community Centre, forms the vibrant front cover, inviting the reader to browse through the content within. As people picked up their pre-ordered copy or purchased one or more in the foyer of the Hall last night, there was a sense of appreciation for all the work involved in creating this birthday gift.

The book has contributions from many different people in the community, both past and present. Adriana had access to original material stored in the National Library archives in Edinburgh during the project and included copies of handwritten letters previously unseen by the wider public. The book offers a fascinating journey through the five decades from 1962 until today, with interviews, recollections, insights and reminiscences.

GeoffPilgrimage66Whether you open the book from the front cover or the back, smiling faces of the community welcome you into this celebration of 50 years. It is a joy to recognise familiar faces and ponder the ones not yet met. The book is a tribute to our founders, Eileen, Peter and Dorothy, as well as a detailed chronology of how the community has continued to evolve through all the people involved.

Printed on glossy paper from responsible sources, the layout is unconventional however the content is without doubt inspiring. Even the critic in me is impressed! This is a unique book, quite different to previous publications about the Findhorn Foundation Community, and only 1,000 copies exist as a limited first edition. It’s not completely perfect, another great reflection of the community, however it’s beautiful all the same.

William Bloom, teacher, author and Findhorn Fellow, opens the book with ‘a foreword of gratitude’, about the magic of this ‘groundbreaking, inspiring and unique community’ and emphasises the importance of relationship and personal development. In Adriana’s editorial she writes, ‘This is not just a book, this is about transformation!’


Celebrating the launch

From the Original Garden to the Findhorn Ecovillage, education in the community and outreach in the world, arts, music, dance and theatre, each phase is highlighted and explored, with personal insights and historical memoirs. The book is a visual feast, one that will continue to draw me until I’ve read every word. There’s so much to capture the attention, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Images of people, their connection with each other and the nature around them, shine throughout and I feel proud to be part of this amazing place. The book has been a huge project for the team, guided by Adriana, with support from Eva Ward, Focaliser of the Communications Department, and the book launch is a celebration in itself.

To order your copy online click here. You can also purchase in person from Reception at Cluny Hill or Newbold House, or in The Park from either the Phoenix shop or the General Office. You can choose to pay the regular price of £27.50 or, if you are on a low income, £25, plus postage and packing. There is also a downloadable PDF version for the reduced price of £15. However, for the full experience the printed version is recommended as a great memoir of community life.

Christine Lines

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