Rio+20 — The Work of Global Ecovillage Network

Hello to you all!

It is Tuesday morning and yesterday Kosha Joubert gave a talk about GEN International’s network of ecovillages. It is so deeply inspiring that Findhorn is part of such a huge global network, a network that is growing every day and making visible the work of people on the ground all around the world.



GEN is a network that is supporting the power of people and their passion for an integral future. We are co-creating an emerging future step by step in collaboration with a diversity of individuals and collectives across the world so that as a global community we can pass on a positive future to the generations to come.

It is deeply important for Findhorn as a long term settlement, a growing ecovillage, a holistic learning centre and a spiritual community, to actively support the growth and influence of GEN internationally and in Europe. GEN is growing in global influence and it is an alive and powerful platform for sustainable change.

Kosha, who is President of the Board of GEN International, did a great job of inspiring the audience and there were more than 150 people gathered in Gaia Home to hear her. Macaco, who is President of GEN Europe, was also there. The Findhorn Foundation was highlighted in Kosha’s presentation with visual slides and with my participation in the group.


Kosha's presentation

I so much appreciate the incredible work that GEN is currently doing at local and global levels, having an impact at social, ecological and economic levels as well as supporting the transformation of worldview and consciousness. This is the time to rally the global family and work towards a deeper understanding as we find our similarities within our diferences. In our diversity there is strength and union.

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