Rio+20 — Right Relationships Between People and Planet

It’s Saturday morning and this is my last blog. I will be leaving Rio this evening and it has been an extremely full week.

May East

May East

I have felt honoured to be able to hold the torch on behalf of the Findhorn Foundation and community. And it has been a joy to share the experience with colleagues and friends — Macaco, Kosha, Daniel, Giovanni Ciarlo, May East, and others. I would like to express my gratitude to Gaia Education and all the organisers that made Gaia Home possible here at the People’s Summit. In particular, I feel that May East, director of Gaia Education, is an incredible force for change and her ability to articulate and create clear projects on the ground is a constant inspiration for many people.


Daniel Wahl

The Brazilian government has done an incredible job in supporting the nonviolent expression of an extremely diverse movement that has come together here for Rio+20. This has been the biggest event of civic participation to be held by the UN.

Now it is the time for strengthening and activating the implementation of sustainable projects across all sectors. Being here I am reminded that we live in an extremely diverse world and that solutions are multidimensional and multilateral. We all play a role in this journey of right relationships between people and planet. Government officials, civic society, educators, entrepreneurs, ecologists, scientists, corporate businesses, spiritual teachers, etc — I could go on and on about all the diverse forms of contributions and expressions that are needed to build a better and more wholesome future.


on the streets of Rio

On Wednesday I went to a demonstration by the People’s Summit in the streets of Rio. It was an incredible celebration of diverse expressions of the ecological movement, marching together in a display of the people’s active dedication, awareness, and activism. That evening I went to the official award ceremony of the Equator Prize 2012, organised by UNDP for community sustainability projects. It was very moving to see people on the ground being recognised for their efforts and projects, projects that are making a difference and are contributing to humanity’s destiny.

I’m very happy that I have been invited to come back to Brazil to support and collaborate with Latin American projects and networks here, which feels inspiring and exciting for me. Thank you all for supporting my stay here.

With much appreciation,

Ana Rhodes Castro

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