Rio+20 — The World We Want

Hello to you all from Rio + 20, this is Ana Rhodes reporting back for you.

Saturday was my first day here and I went to the Gaia Home tent, here in Rio, to introduce the Findhorn Foundation and myself. I felt I was amongst fellow educators dedicated to our common values for worldwork. I look forward to continuing to hold the torch on behalf of the Foundation and its work in the world while I am here in Rio.IMAG0196

On Sunday, I went with Daniel Wahl to a session on the subject of Entrepreneurship — social and technical collaborations. It was deeply inspiring! I suddenly found myself reflecting about the Findhorn Foundation being a centre for social, technological and spiritual entrepreneurship.

We are a centre infused by the values of love and service and we aim to create a field and an environment that enhances and supports individual and collective creativity, inspired action and that consciously awakens our sense of meaning.

So how can we as a community of diverse individuals continue to co-create a soulful collaborative future that holds a vision of mindful, sustainable change as we meet the current world challenges of today?

During these next several days I will be sharing with you my experiences here, and about the presence of Findhorn, Global Ecovillage Network, and Gaia Education (represented here by Ana Rhodes, Kosha Joubert and May East respectively). When we return, we hope to share more with you in the Universal Hall.

Much love to you all!


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