Rio+20 — From Macaco Tamerice of Damanhur

In the morning Kosha and I went with May East to a fishbowl in the Arena, one of the UN official places, where Kosha and May were part of the panel together with another GEN activist, John Croft, one of the Thirteen Grandmothers and local Transition Town and community activists. Ana Rhodes from the Findhorn Foundation was already there together with Daniel Wahl. It was a touching sharing and one of the themes popping up throughout the whole fishbowl was the sharing of a sense of despair. The awareness that we can only do our best, though we feel the urgency of this moment, is part of the process, but shall not take us away from the hope that we can make it.new_life

The Peoples’ Summit and the official UN conference (United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development) are so far apart, that it takes an hour and thirty minutes with the traffic to go from one place to another. This does not make it easy to attend the many interesting events.

In the afternoon I gave a talk about communities in Gaia Home, the tent put up by GEN, Gaia Education and the local Transition Town movement, hosting many inspiring events.

The events in the tent are well attended and both in Albert Bates’ talk about carbon reduction in the slot before, and in my slot after, there were about 150 people participating. The people listened with interest about the social dimension in communities and about the characteristics that a thriving community should have. Starting with Damanhur (community) as an example of an organised social structure, the talk then ended with a new slide show of many communities that Kosha has just completed. You can see it on the GEN International website.


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