Gill Edwards: A generous and precious life

Gill EdwardsFindhorn’s Conscious Medicine conference held in April last year, seeded through the dynamic spirit of Gill Edwards, had a profound effect on my life. What was poignant for me was that it brought together health practitioners from both the medical and complementary professions as well as others involved in their own healing journeys. I was touched by those people who were called here to share their life’s purpose, who walk the healing path and who support others in their healing journeys; and I was pleasantly surprised by the willingness of health professionals to brave the great divide and work together to build an integrated health system in the UK.

I was so inspired that I chose to transform my current life path and commit to the change I wanted to see in the way we offer health care. I have since enrolled in a full time course in Complementary Therapy with the intention of joining the ranks of medical professionals who offer integrated healthcare through the NHS.


Findhorn community member India Brown with some of the new books

Throughout the conference I was in awe of Gill – the slight, gentle yet powerful woman who had brought us all together. She spoke openly about her personal healing journey and how it had awoken her to the need to promote a new form of conscious medicine.Several months later, we were all shocked but not surprised to learn of Gill’s graceful passing. Her relationship with her illness had set her on a path of discovery that informed her writing, reverberated in the various circles of people she brought together and seeded the conference.

Her dreams of bringing a new way of working with illness and wellbeing are still alive. For the Findhorn Foundation, they are embodied in the wealth of books she has entrusted to us as a gift and legacy.

They have recently arrived and will be distributed through our libraries and shared in the community.

On the final day of the Conscious Medicine Conference, Gill began the day with a reading of her favourite poem by Mary Oliver, entitled A Summer Day. One line stays with me, even now, as I consider the gifts Gill has given to us all.

…Tell me, what it is you plan to do with your wild and precious life?

Hers was a life well lived. Her generosity and courage, and vision for a new medicine, live on.

Lisa Sutherland

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