Apprenticed to Spirit

Apprenticed to Spirit, the Education of a Soul is David Spangler's powerfully personal account of a modern-day explorer’s journey through inner worlds and spiritual realms that are “much vaster than the physical territory of the earth.”


It is a soul odyssey that begins in earnest when he abandons his college studies and a promising science career to follow an inner spiritual calling that leads him to an extraordinary presence he names John, who becomes an other world colleague and mentor.

Their joint adventure spans the next 27 years as John serves as a guide to understanding the sacredness within us all, while helping David explore the mysteries of life and the nature of the human spirit.

The book also provides great insights into the early days of the Findhorn Foundation community from the perspective of someone who has played an important role spanning four decades. The author followed his inner prompts to be at Findhorn and discovered that the founders had been expecting him after receiving their own guidance about his impending arrival.

This was in early 1970s when the community was really beginning to attract a following and gaining fame along with a certain notoriety among its detractors who couldn't readily accept the idea of a conscious creative collaboration with the angelic kingdoms of nature.

“I saw the result of this co-operation with the forces of nature throughout my stay in the community, but the miracle of it was brought home to me the first week I was there,” he recalls.

“An Anglican priest and his wife had just arrived, and Peter Caddy invited me, as his new partner and co-director, to have tea with them. It seemed this minister was an expert rose horticulturist. When he had visited the previous year he had offered to landscape the community with roses and Peter had gratefully taken him upon this offer.

“Now, a year later, the priest wanted to know how his roses were doing.

NaturePort010 “As we walked around and Peter pointed out various healthy and colourful rosebushes the priest had planted, I observed the worthy's mouth dropping more and more open, as if he couldn't believe his eyes. And with good reason. The priest confessed: ‘For three years,’ he said. ‘My wife has been dragging me up here against my will. I was sure everything you were saying about the garden and the nature spirits was pure poppycock, so last year I determined to prove you wrong. I thought if I could demonstrate you were a fraud, my wife would stop coming here. So when I offered to plant roses, I chose breeds that I knew could not survive this far north in Scotland and particularly not with the sandy soil you have here. I was sure this year you would have to show me dead rose plants, but instead you've shown me some of the healthiest roses I've ever seen. Now I have to believe you!’

“The priest went on to become one of Findhorn's staunchest supporters.”

Many of the book’s anecdotes have that quality of synchronicity that Findhorn residents have come to know and expect, recognising that the right people and events are drawn to the place at the appropriate time.

For me the book has immense value for the way it has increased my understanding of the presence and participation of other worldly beings and energies, whether we call them angels, devas or choose any other description.

I’m also intrigued by David's exploration of the concept of a World Soul. He explains that it comprises the life and consciousness that infuses the world and that humanity is helping it to incarnate. In return it is enabling us to develop a planetary consciousness. “This is an essential part of your destiny as a species, a destiny which you are confronting at this time in history.”


David Spangler, with the co-founders of the Findhorn Community, Eileen and Peter Caddy and Dorothy Maclean

David and some of his associates were drawn to return to the United States and continue their work there, even though many have maintained strong links with the community.

This led to the creation of a number of significant organisations and alliances including the Lorian Association, Lindisfarne Association and Lindisfarne Fellowship.

He insists that directly or indirectly, most of the people who became significant partners for him and for Lorian did so through connections with Findhorn.

“In this I only echo what many others have experienced, that their lives were changed and offered new possibilities by Findhorn. For me this was true not only outwardly but inwardly, for at Findhorn, a new kind of partnership opened for me, in addition to John and his colleagues, that from then on became the source of my work.”

He adds: “In a fundamental way, we are each here in the world not because we had to be here or needed to be here but because we are giving ourselves in love and partnership to the Soul of the World for the blessing of the world.”

If you would like to read this book you can order it online from Amazon today by using the link to the left.

You may be interested in applying the principles in “Apprentice to Spirit” in your own life, if so consider attending one of our Living Whole programmes – a collaboration between Findhorn, David Spangler and Lorian Association.

Geoff Dalglish

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