Dorothy Maclean – 92 years young

Community co-founder Dorothy Maclean celebrates her 92nd birthday on 7 January, and her presence as she walks through The Park each day, taking her exercise and stopping frequently to enjoy the surroundings, is still an inspiration for me as I watch her make her way.

Dorothy Maclean

Dorothy Maclean

Dorothy’s connection with the intelligence of nature is one of the strongest roots of the Findhorn Foundation community, but as we spend this time with her now in this phase of her life, it is her strength and determination to follow a path of love and service to God that makes a deep impression. When she says that this community is about practising a path of love as well as light, you listen! And she is very clear that in order to connect with the intelligence of nature the doorway is through the heart and through a connection with God. This comes first.

She prefers to spend her time being quiet and being with her close friends nearby and rarely steps into the limelight. She can, in fact, be shy. But at the same time her humour and the twinkle in her eyes invites you into a warm relationship.

It is an important moment for the community as we celebrate our 50th anniversary year and look forward to the next phase of our collective life, and I am hugely grateful that Dorothy has returned to Findhorn to live here and to be with us for this event. She is the last remaining founder, still sharing her inspiration ongoing, and we continue to benefit from her experience and dedication.

Happy birthday Dorothy!

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