Findhorn Foundation College accredited by BAC!

It is our great pleasure to announce that the Findhorn Foundation College has become one of 480 colleges and universities in the UK accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Further and Higher Education as a short course provider.

Findhorn Foundation College was established by the Findhorn Foundation in 2001 to develop and deliver further and higher educational programmes.

BAC accreditation logoThe accreditation journey took nearly six months, and has brought new understanding and insights into our work, as well as a lot of new enthusiasm for the future. We are looking forward to exploring the full potential of this wonderful new chapter of the College’s life.

So what does it really mean to be accredited as a short course provider?

Apart from the fact that we are now much more easily able to welcome participants from all corners of the planet on our courses, we have also learned a lot about the College and what it has to offer educationally. By reviewing and articulating to the accreditation council how we do education and what systems we have in place to support it, it very quickly became clear that what we have is not only good enough to be recognised as satisfactory, but that in many areas we are doing an outstanding job.

When we were asked to look deeply into and evaluate our programmes, it was a pleasure to see that all we needed to do was to write down how our focalisers, faculty, course presenters, College team and Findhorn Community members contributed to College life in the past with dedication, love and care. And continue to do so today.

The College is committed to developing and promoting a truly holistic education. We understand this to be a ‘work in progress’, a ‘daily practice’, and invite our participants to join with faculty and staff in ‘learning communities’. As a College, and within the whole community, we endeavour to create a learning environment that touches all aspects of our being. It offers skills, insights and inspiration for positive change in the world.

We anticipate that whilst studying in our programmes a participant will:

  • Acquire knowledge and skills to further their aspirations
  • Deepen their sense of the meaning and purpose in life
  • Engage in an open and discerning exploration of beliefs, values, theories and perceptions
  • Strengthen the connection with the inner, spiritual dimensions of life
  • Develop the capacity for more loving relationships with all life
  • Contribute to a better future for our planet and humanity

The future of education at Findhorn Foundation College looks bright!


Lisa Sutherland

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