Applause for May East

May East, Executive Director of CIFAL Findhorn, has been praised by the Scottish Parliament for the international recognition that has come to Scotland as a result of her being nominated as one of 100 global sustainability leaders for 2011. A motion to congratulate May was recently tabled by MSP Rob Gibson and signed by a dozen MSPs, including Moray’s Richard Lochhead.

May EastThe 100 global sustainability leaders nominated by ABC Carbon, a renowned climate change consulting company, were selected from all over the world. The list includes Nobel Prize winners, scientists, architects, designers, artists and CEOs of international companies. Besides the well known, also represented are the quiet achievers who are making a name for themselves and their NGOs, institutes, universities or businesses.

In this United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, 2005—2014, CIFAL Findhorn was one of the first CIFAL Centres to take the sustainability agenda to heart. Since 2006 CIFAL Findhorn has been excelling in putting together cutting edge seminars, conferences and training sessions to address the urgent implications of climate change and promote innovative solutions in the fields of low carbon economy transition, renewable energy systems, sustainable urban services and green jobs.

May’s commitment to making CIFAL Findhorn a hub for capacity building, leadership and knowledge sharing between local authorities, national governments, international organisations, the private sector and civil society is what has been recognised through her nomination to the list of global sustainability leaders.

Congratulations May!

Sandra Mitchell

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