Cullerne Harvest

At the autumn equinox here in Findhorn when the hours of daylight and darkness hang in the balance we traditionally gather as a community at Cullerne garden to give thanks for the annual harvest.

IMG_0502In preparation for bringing the harvest to the Community Centre, the gardeners have woven floral wreaths and decorated the carts with bright colours of meadow flowers. More than 60 adults and children gathered in a circle to sing and dance in praise of our rich and abundant harvest, singing songs from many cultures and giving thanks that we are once again sustained by the earth.

Community elder Auriol de Smidt offered a poem she wrote to commemorate this particular harvest and reminds us of the journey every plant has taken in order to bring us this bounty.

Apple Tree

Who are you, apple tree?

Through winter's cold

A fibrous skeleton of scented earth,

Rising from the mould;

A gaunt arm, snow furred,

A perch for every storm-blown bird.


Sarah Mason
With spring you enter in,

And tips of every twig begin

To swell with growing light.

Tight buds froth

Into petals, pink and white;

Sweet with honeydews

To bees bemuse.


Then green sun-drinking hands unfold,

Palms open to receive

Their draught of summer's gold.

And tiny fruitlets gather green

In hidden clusters on the bough,

Fed by the milk summer rain.


At last, September,

And I catch a glimpse of who

You truly are;

Giving yourself away

Amid the clustered green.

Your scarlet apples glowing,

Rich and bright as paradise,

O Lady, Queen!



Led by the gardeners we then scattered to gather the herbs, fruit, vegetables and flowers to adorn the harvest table. We then came together to join a spiral dance around the abundant yield, meeting and greeting each other at the turning of the seasons.



Lisa Sutherland

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