Bountiful Cluny Garden

We would like to share with you what has, is and will be happening in Cluny garden.


Helena with her favourite tree

The warmth of April really kicked off the garden. Plants, flowers and vegetables just bloomed and flourished so we have been blessed with an abundance of fresh flowers for the house and greens for the kitchen.

Helena, Lars and Philip took on the area in front of the Ballroom and lifted it, tidied it up and have given it a breath of fresh air, hopefully looking more inviting to everyone arriving here.

Down in the garden, the apple orchard has had a transformation led by Sabine who created apple guilds around the trees to help them grow, get more nutrients and bear more fruit. The plants around them are also edible and it looks magnificent.

If you look up from the orchard there are four new beehives. Sverre is the beekeeper and we are happy to welcome these beautiful creatures into ClunyGardenBeehives2011 our garden and are enjoying watching them create golden honey.

There are also big changes if you go down to the long border (opposite the herbaceous border). Started by a group project with a German Experience Week, we cleared away bushes and shrubs that were either dead or too close to each other and therefore suffocating each other. Our vision for the border is to get more air and light into it so that the plants there can thrive. At the same time we’re weeding the area and trying to combat the abundance of groundelder with cardboard and mulching.

Walking into the Chakra Garden the changes might not be as obvious, the round chakra beds are still the same but we have been planting vegetables on the north side of the garden: pumpkins, courgettes, strawberries, tomatoes, garlic and currant bushes. The Chakra Garden is a prime spot for vegetables (sunshine) so we are trying to use the space optimally.

Next is the vegetable garden, it is the setting for Miho’s project: Reducing CO2 by producing more food. He has been inspired by Permaculture Design methods and is using companion planting and introducing more perennial vegetables.

This season we have so far produced:

  • 1.190kg of parsley
  • 5.750kg of Kale
  • 21kg of lettuce
  • 26kg of rainbow chard
  • 1.5kg of carrots
  • 1.130kg of onion leaves
  • 1.320kg of spinach
  • 3.420kg of beetroots
  • 1.2kg of potatoes
  • 1.9kg of leeks
  • 16.720kg of rhubarb
  • 3.5kg of cauliflower
  • 4.5kg of raddish
  • And lots of fresh herbs for cooking and teas.

Miho also installed two wormbins in the compost area.

Astrid has taken on the plunge pool garden, and in cooperation with Simon and guests we have now planted gladiolas, dahlias and made a new lavender border. It is still to bloom but we hope people taking a plunge will enjoy it!
ClunyGardenAppleTrees2011 ClunyGardenBee2011
There is also change in the front porch. We have put tubs with cucumbers, cape gooseberries, oregano, lemon balm and chamomile there. The cape gooseberries can’t grow outside so we are using the space we have. We think it’s beautiful and love the idea of walking in the front door and having your visual, smell and taste senses stimulated. We will also use it in the Steiner School project to show how easily you can grow vegetables for yourself in a small space.

This brings us on to the next topic. We have been connecting with the Moray Steiner School and they will come and visit us in September and have tours of the garden. If possible, one of the grades will have some of their gardening classes in our garden and some of the older students will maybe visit regularly with us. We are very excited.


Cluny garden team Miho,
Sabine, Astrid & Philip

And just to dream big, we would like to transform the Anderson Primary School’s yard, it is still just a pipe dream or high dream but we hope to get it set up for Spring time so that it will be filled with flowers and vegetables instead of concrete.

And all over the garden you will notice tiles with quotes on them, they are meant as art, inspiration and for ways of connecting with nature. There will also be four bigger posts with Satish Kumar quotes relating to that area.

Much love and in the spirit of community,

Helena, Miho, Philip, Sabine and Astrid.

Lisa Sutherland

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