Embracing a New Chapter for Mankind

Silke Galla of the Foundation’s Communications Team joined 60 other participants, gathered in the Universal Hall recently, for international mentor, advisor and consultant Jeddah Mali’s workshop entitled Embracing A New Chapter For Mankind. Here she offers her reflections on two days of deep inquiry.


Jeddah Mali is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, and sits on the Steering Committee for the Global Coherence Initiative. She is one of only six women in the world to be asked to be part of Nobel Women’s Initiative (working alongside Nobel Peace Prize Laureates). Her work with these organisations facilitates the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace.

JeddahMali3On the first day, Jeddah presents a Model of Existence to explain what our true nature is like. She describes the nature of our existence as expansive, light-filled and harmonious. We are, like the universe is, in a constant state of expansion. We are all driven by the desire to connect and to grow. Even our mind is trying to support this state and harmonise with our true nature. We also have the potential to think in a dense, contracted and dark way. This state can last temporarily, but is not what our true eternal nature is like.

We are asked: Why do we choose, then, to be in a contractive state? Jeddah Mali points out that we as human beings want to experience density to feel the contrast to expansiveness. We are experimenting with the opportunities of life because we are given free will. Thought is an opportunity to be in alignment with our true nature or to go away from it. We have the chance to log on to our true nature in any moment through being in the present moment.

In the evening we get the chance to experience the theory of the Model of Existence in a meditation that Jeddah holds. We leave the Hall in a quiet, expansive and positive state afterwards.

On the second day we explore common misunderstandings and their effects on our lives. Some of our core misunderstandings about existence are:

  • that something is missing, lacking or wrong, in ourselves, in others, in the world, in life, in existence. The truth is: Help and support is there all the time.
  • that somebody else causes a feeling in us. The truth is: Other people cannot produce sensations in us, only we can. We can choose how we want to react if somebody is criticising us if we choose to stay peaceful and gentle (expansive) or we can choose to become angry, upset, sad (contracted).
  • we must understand everything with the mind. The truth is: We can experience being with consciousness.
  • we are not perfect. The truth is: We are perfect eternal whole beings.

How can we re-programme ourselves and find our way back into an expansive, light and harmonious state of being? Jeddah Mali says that the contracted sensations we experience function as an indicator if our thoughts are working for us or not. JeddahMali4Illusionary thoughts produce contracted sensations and that’s how we can recognise them. A part of design of awareness is to educate us as to our true nature. The key is to recognise contracted sensations not as a punishment, but as feedback. When we can recognise these contracted thoughts and sensations then we can choose to react differently. This is THE road to freedom!

In the afternoon Jeddah Mali presents a symposium consisting of several films developed by the Pachamama Alliance and Awakening the Dreamer. The purpose of the symposium is to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet. The Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium is supporting the shift in humanity, from a dream rooted in consumption and competition, to one of sustainability and mutuality. The symposium ends with a quote from Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu: “Every single one of us can do something to make a difference.”

We leave the Hall inspired and in a peaceful state of mind, in the knowledge that each one of us has the potential to make a difference to shifting consciousness on this planet.

Silke Galla

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