The Peace of Iona

Sacred Circle Dance is a world wide network of dancers who combine traditional folk dance with recently choreographed dances. The Findhorn Foundation has been home to these dances for more than 30 years, sharing their transformative and healing powers.

This video, titled Peace of Iona, was recorded in the Universal Hall at the Findhorn Foundation during an annual Festival of Sacred Dance Music and Song and begins with Mike Scott playing the song with Beth Bahia Cohen on violin and Paddy League on drums. The end of the song switches to a recording made during the Universal Voices Festival at Findhorn featuring Mike Scott and Richard Naiff on piano.

At the beginning of the video Peter Vallance, who teaches sacred dance at the Foundation, appears teaching the Circle Dance to Peace of Iona, which is one of many dances he has created.

This year's Festival of Sacred Dance Music and Song starts on 9 July and features special guest Yves Moreau teaching Bulgarian village dances he has collected during his many field trips.

Situated on the west coast of Scotland, Iona is a sacred island known as a historic place of pilgrimage. Traigh Bhan, the Findhorn Foundation’s retreat house on this magical island, offers the opportunity for quiet contemplation if you need time to integrate the lessons of a workshop or space to reflect on your own journey and next steps with a series of Summer Retreat weeks.

Chris Brown

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