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Anna Breytenbach

Interspecies communicator Anna Breytenbach will give a free talk to the Community and show a short and inspiring film in the Universal Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday, June 23.

All are invited to attend the talk but places are limited for the three day Interspecies Communication workshop she will host between June 25 and 27.

Although widely travelled and respected as an animal communicator, she is especially thrilled to be visiting Findhorn for the first time, insisting: “I’m inspired by the founding principles and practices of the Findhorn Garden. To come to the epicenter of interspecies communication is for me an exciting opportunity to engage with the circle of ancient skills being brought forward to modern times. Northern Scotland is a touchstone for connecting with intuition.”

Her work is mostly in Africa and brings her in close contact with domestic, habituated and wild animals and will soon feature in a documentary film, although she says that what she does is accessible to everyone. “We all have the ability to communicate with other species.

AnnaBreytenbachElephant2“Animal communication is a natural ability that everybody has and is simply a matter of getting in touch with our intuition and accessing something that isn't part of our everyday five-sensory reality.

“The First People and indigenous tribes like the San Bushmen and Native Americans were easily able to communicate telepathically with all of nature and didn’t consider this unusual. Every person in the tribe had the ability to connect in non five-sensory ways with their surroundings; to know from the animals where they were, which was a good animal to hunt, or which plants would be medicinal, toxic or nourishing.”

Increasingly the benefits are being appreciated by pet owners, farmers, birders, veterinarians, wildlife managers, conservation officials and environmentalists, and Anna will show how communication creates a valuable bridge between the worlds.

PeopleComm081The practical, experiential workshop will give a good foundation in communicating with animals and connecting with plants at the individual and collective levels, while understanding their roles and relationships with other aspects of Nature. It will show how animals express themselves and how we can send messages effectively, while understanding their perspectives and concerns.

There is no charge for Anna’s talk on June 23 but donations to help cover her travel costs will be very welcome.

Inquiries: Geoff Dalglish tel (01309) 691620 or email

Geoff Dalglish

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