LEAPing into the Foundation

With three days of induction ending with a celebration, 11 new long-term apprentices have joined the path of the Living Education Apprenticeship Programme — LEAP. This is the second round of intake after a first group was begun in January this year.

The participants come from England, the United States, Australia, Denmark, Japan and the Netherlands and will engage with community life for at least 6 months in one of the departments of the Findhorn Foundation at Cluny Hill and in The Park.

IMG_3585The LEAP programme is the new staff intake programme of the Findhorn Foundation. It was launched at the beginning of this year and replaces the former Living Education Staff Programme (LESP) and the SEVA programme, creating a simpler route to serving within the Foundation. The participants commit to participating in a full week of community life, practising love in action, plus some weekend rotas in the Community. In return they receive food, accommodation and a supportive learning environment, including a mentor who accompanies them on their self-directed learning path.

Prerequisite for entering this journey are Experience Week plus at least two months of the Living in Community Guest Programme (LCG).

Here is what three of the participants say about their dreams and motives for taking this LEAP:

I was called to come to Findhorn for a process of personal transformation and growth, to learn a new way of living and to be with people. After having done LCG and the Foundation Programme I wanted to stay for a longer time to put into practice the things I had learned. I am allowing love to show me my way.


I am doing the LEAP programme because I want to be in service to the community and to the world. I worked for transition towns in The Netherlands before I came which was also out of a wish to be of service. Findhorn takes me to a deeper level. It was the book The Findhorn Garden that inspired me originally to come to Findhorn.


After having visited Findhorn for the first time many years ago and a Camphill Community when I was 17, I always wanted to live in a community. In the Findhorn community I can find the values that are identical with my own values. I did Experience Week and the Foundation Programme in 2010 and decided to commit to a longer time here to take additional responsibilities on the LEAP programme and to be more integrated in the community. My intention is to help to create heaven on earth.


A heartfelt welcome to Amanda, Ash, Astrid, Christine, Deb, Eveline, Hugo, Jacqueline, Kathy, Mutsuko, Symon!

Silke Galla

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