A New Sign in The Park

P1040233A new and beautiful sign has just gone up showing The Park North, an area of The Park that is continuing to develop and grow. The new sign has been designed, illustrated, painted, framed and erected, and is now standing proudly on the path to the Universal Hall if you are coming up the runway from the Community Centre.

There are three new building projects in The Park included on the sign: the new eco-mobiles in Pineridge West (the first building is in progress), the Dunelands East Whins Cluster (construction planned from June 2011) and the Soillse Co-Housing Project near the Barrel houses (already underway).

P1040231Love and gratitude to Avalon dos Santos for the energy behind getting the sign done, and for design and supervision; to Jonathan Wheeler for the beautiful paintings included on the sign; to Richard Brockbank for his artistic woodwork; to Roy Chillingworth for the easy to follow illustration; and to Park Maintenance department for putting the sign up.

Despite all the changes in The Park, the bay and the sea are still there surrounding us, being their same beautiful selves.


Silke Galla

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