Conscious Medicine – Day 4

ConMed25Another magical day dawns, on this last day of the Conscious Medicine Conference. The sun is radiant in indigo blue sky held lightly by outstretched branches brimming with blossoms and the quiet buzz of wasps and bees. The glorious sparkling light and warm air is a balm to our spirits, a medicine in itself, and I am aware that the elementals and divas are connecting with us to celebrate our gathering.

Stephanie Mines guides us in some of her styles of energy medicine. She offers us simple yet potent hand postures that, when coupled with focused internal awareness, activate responses in the body that can lead to health and a sense of wellbeing. “Tune in deeply and track the inner processes. Give yourself the attention of a loving mother.”

Karl DawsonIt is time for Karl Dawson to share his experiences of conscious medicine through his work in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. “Disease is no accident, everything our body reflects, illustrates our core beliefs.” He explains that trauma is not about the fight/flight response, it occurs when we are unable to discharge the natural freeze response from our bodies. This creates what he calls ECHOS (Energetic Conscious Holograms) that are resonances from the past that become triggered when sensory stimuli remind us of the original event. “To the heart and mind, memories are current events. The body then responds by throwing our system into fight/flight mode and the cycle, unchecked, will eventually create disease.”

The big T traumas are obvious to us: war, accidents, rape, sudden death… but it is the little T traumas that are most insidious and lay down the stress beliefs that ultimately create illness. EFT tunes in to the feelings connected with the original trauma, the tapping technique directs the kinetic energy through the blocked channels clearing and removing the associations with the event. “Every disease in our bodies is an attempt to adapt to perceived stressful situations.” ConMed26Matrix Reimprinting enables people to go one step further. “We are linked by a web that connects us all, known as the matrix. We send our thoughts out into the matrix and these thoughts circle back to us as life experiences.” This method allows people to go into the moment of the formation of their traumatic belief patterns and restructure the original memory whilst discharging the block in their bodies. Exciting and effective work that goes beyond current life memories to broach ancestral and future events.

During the teabreak and again over lunch I have deep, sweet conversations with people. We share how, although we are not learning much that is new to us, we are gaining confidence in what we do know. I marvel at the strength and beauty of the people who hold such incredible life experiences of healing and through them are called to serve others in their healing work. This conference has served us all in many ways, we have engaged with like-minded people, celebrated life, discharged our concerns by sharing them with others or giving them over to the place, this sanctuary in the north of Scotland. We sit in the presence of pioneers, brave folk who dare to speak up in order to transform ConMed24the morphic field of medicine and ask that we co-create a new health – one that empowers every individual, that offers every patient the choice to direct their own healing and encourages them to become aware of the miracles that are at our fingertips and the birthright of us all.

I would like to end these conference reports with a few lines from Rumi, shared with loving attention by Arielle Essex:

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground…
You must ask for what you really want,
don’t go back to sleep.


Story: Lisa Sutherland, Photos: Sverre Koxvold

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