Conscious Medicine – Day 3

conscious breathing
just inhabit the body.
be aware that you are breathing-
welcome home!
notice the expansion and contraction
the simple nature of the universe.
find pleasure in the breath!
allow the movement of the breath to ripple through your body…
how beautiful is that?
allow your breathing to become a prayer,
a prayer of gratitude.
this is how we come back to ourselves,
how we settle our conflicts,
how we find our true identity.
notice the impulse to breathe.
welcome home!


We begin our day wrapped in the poem of our breath, guided by Jonathan Nunn.

Arielle EssexArielle Essex presents her talk entitled The Choice that Heals. Diagnosed with a tumour on her pituitary, her 10 year healing journey has left her curious and asking the question: What makes a spontaneous remission happen? She skillfully shares with us eight mental/emotional factors for spontaneous remission: face the crisis, find new meaning, express your emotions, take control of your life, create a healing support team, work in partnership with medics, take 100% responsibility, reduce stress, let go and trust. She weaves throughout her talk clear illustrations of how to engage these eight elements in a healing journey.

“Awareness is the key tool, you cannot let go or change what you are not aware of.” She speaks of mapping our thoughts in order to realise the negative thought loops that create stress, and when unchecked, result in disease. “There is no such thing as an idle thought. All thoughts create form on some level.” When we learn to track our thought loops, we open to understanding, reflective distance and appreciation for the symptoms that point us towards the root cause of our distress. “Each aspect of a negative thought loop has a positive value.” ConMed20She has discovered that it is not necessary to go to the origin of these negative thought patterns but has learnt to use the hot spots in order to unwind the knot created by these unconscious, poisonous ways of thinking about ourselves. She encourages us to become aware of our triggers, for in doing so, we are able to make a choice – to fall into the familiar stress pattern or to choose to step into the mystery and love ourselves. She asks us too, to release all expectation of outcome. “You can’t do healing work when you are in a state of fear!” She reminds us that miracles are thoughts too, all miracles require a shift in perception. In any moment we are free to choose what is real for us. I welcome a world where we consistently choose to create miracles!

ConMed21After teabreak we divide into small group discussion, unwrapping the gifts of disease. We are asked to share our own experiences of the gifts of witnessing a healing journey, to consider what prevents healing from happening – and what enables it – and to share with one another how we introduce conscious medicine to people who are not aware that they have a choice beyond the realms of conventional medicine.

The afternoon workshops engage us in a variety of hands-on deepening work. We can further investigate the eight factors of healing with Arielle Essex, or meet with Andrew Tressider to discover how to heal the wounded healer. We can choose to sit with Eileen Palmer and explore mindfulness in medicine or connect with Jonathan Nunn and re-engage with conscious breathing.

In the evening we are invited to attend a Health Fair, where we can sample the many psycho-energetic approaches to health some of the conference participants offer.

ConMed22Finally we are welcomed to dance 5Rhythms® in the sacred space of the Universal Hall, moving our bodies through aspects of the wave: flow, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness. Inspired by music and surrendering to the body, we are invited to move beyond our thinking into the body and to experience the different rhythms informed by this simple, ever-unfolding wave dance.

I am content, full to the brim with rich experiences. Gill Edwards began our day with her favourite poem by Mary Oliver, entitled A Summer Day. One line reverberates now as the darkness settles in and the day draws to a close: “…tell me, what it is you plan to do with your wild and precious life?”

As rest beckons me, I am touched by the numerous people who have been called here to share their life’s purpose, who walk the healing path, who support others in their healing journeys and how blessed I am to be amongst them.

Story: Lisa Sutherland, Photos: Sverre Koxvold

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