Seasons on the Isle of Erraid

On Erraid I feel already the stirrings and challenges of that most rigorous of teachers — nature. The power of the elements we live with and the inevitable cycles of change provide us with daily spiritual lessons in surrender, resilience and patience. In the Celtic tradition, time and attention are given to the dark: the day begins at night, Spring has its beginnings in Winter. The dark is a place of quiet transformation. However, the year has turned now and, after a slow, cold December, I find my entire being — body and soul — beginning to open to the gradual re-awakening of the Earth.

erraidstory10The days are getting longer, small shoots are appearing from bulbs, there is warmth in the sun. It is time for gathering seaweed to feed this coming year's growth — an activity that has been practised on Erraid for centuries. As I observe the beautiful variety of colour and texture in the seaweed; as I enjoy the rhythm of pitching, lifting, throwing, spreading; as I talk and laugh with my fellow seaweeders; as I relish the bright, spring-like sunlight, I am aware of being fully in the present and at the same time part of a gentle flow that connects me to the past and the future. We invite you to join us as we celebrate the turning seasons:

Imbolc, the festival of renewal

29 January to 5 February

This is the time of year when the Celtic Goddess Bride returns, representing the reawakening of the life-force. The energy of renewal helps us to leave behind what no longer serves us and prepare for the coming of Spring. We plant seeds; seeds of ideas for ourselves, accepting that they will take time to germinate. We gently nurture the emerging light and the fiery energy that has lain quiet within us during the winter months.

Spring Equinox, the festival of awakening

19 to 26 March

This is the time when the days are becoming longer and warmer. A time of growth and fertility, of excitement and joy. We feel the renewed energy of nature and are aware of the seeds that we have planted germinating and reaching for the light. As the natural world surges into Spring, so we step into our own life force.

Please don't forget we are open to receive guests for most of the year! We look forward to seeing you here,

love, Celia

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