Julia Butterfly Hill at Findhorn

JuliaButterflyHillFOR ONE NIGHT ONLY
Saturday 2nd July 2011, 8pm

Julia Butterfly Hill, renowned internationally for her work in environmental awareness and personal development, will be in the UK for a short visit this year and for one night only will grace the Universal Hall with her enthusiasm and vitality.

Although Julia regularly tours the world with speaking engagements and workshops, this is a rare opportunity to see her outside her native America, where she gained notoriety by bringing the plight of the ancient redwood forests to the notice of the public and media.

For more information about this inspiring evening sharing, and information to book your seat, please click here.

When I entered the majestic cathedral of the redwood forest for the first time my spirit knew it had found what it was searching for. I dropped to my knees and began to cry because I was so overwhelmed by the wisdom, energy and spirituality housed in this holiest of temples.

Julia Butterfly Hill

Inspired by Julia Butterfly Hill’s endeavours, our dedicated team of gardeners who nourish, nurture and tend The Park gardens, dreamed of Moontree, a new ecologically built home for themselves – to dry and work with herbs, make jams and preserves, and just meet over a warming cup of tea and share company on those wet winter days. The proceeds from Julia’s visit to Findhorn will go towards the completion of Moontree.

Chris Brown

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