Bioneers Gathering at Findhorn – Day 1

Bioneers Europe Gathering at Findhorn:
Breakthrough solutions for people and planet


The Findhorn landscape flashes its golden finery, autumnal leaves pile burnished beneath wind whipped blue skies. These colours of warmth and fire glow in the central candle arrangement and majestic flowers harvested to decorate the Universal Hall.

People from all over the planet are welcomed to this first European Bioneers conference. The opening ceremony calls us to connect with the elements, each other and the motivation of the Bioneers movement. We are invited to build the field through mingling, sharing, song and spiral – meeting and greeting one another, settling after the journey to get here, opening to the life stories of one another. The space is playful, faces bright with inspiration.

Nina Simons, Bioneers founding member, takes to the floor and skilfully weaves her personal story into the tale of the origins of the Bioneers movement. She speaks of a biodiversity garden tended by a seed guardian called Gabriel (no suprise there!). This garden sets her senses on fire with its potency and she sees in it the sacred relationships within all life and walks away with the sure knowledge that from then on the spirit of nature is her boss. “The earth is seeking our partnership as we participate in this journey towards wholeness. We are all Bioneers here, shaping a new story. By sowing these seeds of change we encourage others to bring forth their individuals gifts.”

Kenny Ausubel follows, clarifying some of the intentions of the Bioneers movement:

  • to share the good news stories that instil hope when we discover actual solutions to the imbalances that threaten human society and our environment
  • to encourage others by showing that when we align human systems with natural systems, we can work with nature to help heal itself and ourselves
  • to examine the potentials of necessary adaptation that will help us build resilient systems to meet the challenges of this time

As he so eloquently says: “The shift is hitting the fan. There are serious solutions to these major issues using nature’s wisdom without undermining the past, nor jeopardizing the future. Keep the faith.”

They ask us to tune in to our vision for this planet. What do we really want to unfold? How do we own this home, our planet earth? What is the yearning of your spirit? What are the stories of success you hold for the future? What story can your heart wrap around?

It’s all alive! It’s all connected! It’s all intelligent! It’s all relations!

After dinner, Margo Henderson, local creative muse, delights us with her celtic songs and poetry, enchanting us with the songlines of the Scottish land and stories of its people. “Feel again into the pulse of things. Let this be the time of gathering the awakened heart of our humanity.”

And finally the gentle gift of the story of Alan Watson Featherstone and his passion to restore the ancient woodlands of the Caledonian forest. The manifestation of his passion speaks through the work of Trees for Life, a local organisation that holds a 250 year old vision for the future, responding from an awareness that nature knows best how to restore itself. This example of ecological restoration is a success story that shows how when we love the earth it comes back to life and helps us to reconnect.

As I walk home, brimming with the rich sensations of the day, the stars glisten in the clear sky. I give thanks for my place amongst these people, these Bioneers, and our collective dreaming and look forward to the unfoldment of our second day together.

Lisa Sutherland

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