Holistic 2011 UK Census Campaign

1 March 2010

Findhorn Foundation Fellow and influential holistic teacher William Bloom is soon to launch a pioneering campaign to have the holistic path of contemporary spirituality officially recognised in the 2011 UK census. The campaign, developed by William Bloom and Nigel Anthony at the Foundation for Holistic Spirituality, recognises that this faith currently has a whole rainbow of names which reflects its diversity. Giving it varied descriptions on census forms can mean that this contemporary spiritual path becomes interpreted as many different faiths.

Not so much of a problem you might think, but in reality this greatly diminishes the opportunity for recognition and positive influence this kind of grouping can have when joined together. The Foundation of Holistic Spirituality is calling for all practitioners of a contemporary spiritual path to come together in joyous celebration of their collective faith. By uniting together to embrace holistic as a collective religious description for the 2011 census, followers of this path will ensure that the voice of newly emerging spirituality is heard and fully represented alongside other faiths.

After developing clear statements about the kind of contemporary spirituality practised by many people in the UK today, its values and what it can offer the world, The Foundation for Holistic Spirituality chose the word holistic to describe contemporary spirituality because it supports the essence of all spiritual traditions, implies an awareness of nature, the earth and a sense of personal and collective wellbeing. The UK census represents an opportunity for greater positive influence on education, healthcare, social services, community building, human resources management and government decision-making. It only comes around once in a decade, so now is the time to make your voice heard!

PS – The 2011 campaign is currently in urgent need of financial contributions and people who can offer their time and skills to the project. For more information and to discover how you can make a difference visit www.holisticmap.org

Rosie Jefferis

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