2010 Ecovillage Training a Success!

16 March 2010

Participants in the 2010 Ecovillage Training (EVT) were inspired and full of praise for the month-long programme as they prepared to head home at the weekend.

Twenty-year-old Sonia Melocco of Slovenia said: “I always had the feeling that something fantastic would happen when I got to Findhorn and it has blown me away. My love of nature, gardening and my love of people brought me here and all those elements were present in the Ecovillage Training.”

Manchester mum Helen Williams and her husband Tony are moving to Ireland to start an Eco project and feel empowered to begin: “We know where to go now and how we'll apply our different gifts. Tony is a passionate man with lots of ideas and my strength is my intuition and flexibility.”

New Zealand sheep and cattle farmer Greg Hart said it was well worth travelling halfway around the world to attend. “The real value is taking home the spirit of Findhorn. I see it as carrying a torch to create a light in my part of the world and putting love into everything we do.”

For me as a participant in last year’s EVT, it was fascinating to sit in on the individual Designing for the Future projects that weaved together the various threads explored during the training, drawing heavily on the human, physical and spiritual resources of the community. How inspiring to see that the project teams weren’t just dealing with theory, but with fundamental challenges that will need to be faced in a number of new and existing Eco projects awaiting their return around the world.

And more than anything it was the sheer energy of the group that excited me, making me feel that ‘Nothing is Impossible!’ I was especially touched by the passion and creativity of the youngest project group, whose average age was under 22 years of age.

EVT focaliser Craig Gibsone, who is one of the longest-serving members of the community, was enthusiastic about the participation of so many committed young people. “It’s the youngest-ever EVT group which displayed an amazing cohesiveness and ability to self-organise.”

Fellow focaliser Gabrielle Hamm insisted: “It continues to be transformational for young and old and each year EVT, which is now in its 12th year, enjoys some minor tweaks and just gets better and better, including cutting-edge content by professionals in the field with permaculture as the red thread throughout the syllabus.”

The 2010 training attracted 29 participants from 16 countries around the globe, with ages ranging from 18 to 70 and an even split between men and women. “They combined to ensure a wonderful balance and energy,” Gabrielle said.

EVT is presented annually during February and March.

Visit www.findorn.org/ecovillage.

Geoff Dalglish

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