Drumming for Haiti

February 22, 2010

drummersThe community enjoyed a fantastic evening of Hatian culture in the Community Centre on 5th February. Many came to dance, drum, feast and weave stories to celebrate Haiti and to raise funds to help provide basic shelter and equipment to some of the estimated three million people affected by the earthquake which devastated the country last month.

Galvanised into action by these events, Findhorn Community storytellers Margot Henderson and Carol Scorer were inspired to bring the community together in a spirit of celebration and support. In organising the evening they brought their skills as creative orators and rhythm weavers to hold a event rich in culinary and artistic talent, together with the vibrant support of many community members. Drummers from local groups Dirty Little Bongos and Beat Roots set the pace with impovised and traditional rhythms as well as providing the aural illustrations for the Haitian drum origin story The Drum of the Elephant King. The park kitchen team also got on board, transforming the regular Friday celebration dinner into a fundraising feast, creating a beautiful and abundant Caribbean menu for everyone to enjoy. In coming together to celebrate and support Haitian culture through a rich array of food, music, story and dance, a fantastic time was had by all. It’s great to see the community engaged in this kind of creative activism and it inspired many to call for more events of its kind, so who knows what our community creatives might cook up next time?

The best news of all to come out of the lively fundraiser was that along with the extra financial abundance raised by the Sunday taize group, the Findhorn Community raised over ꌐ00 for Haiti! This amazing amount is enough to pay for two shelter boxes (see www.shelterbox.org). As well as containing basic shelter for ten people, each shelter box is packed with essential equipment, including a cooker, cooking utensils and cutlery, bedding, mosquito nets, crayons and pencils for children, and equipment for purifying water for drinking. The shelter boxes will be sent out direct to Haiti as part of the wider relief effort organised by Forres Rotary Club. This means we can maximise the power of our donation and give direct practical help to those affected.

A big Findhorn thank you to all who contributed their voice, drums, cash, skills and dancing feet to make this happen!

Rosie Jefferis

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