Next Steps

January 25, 2010

Wednesday of our Internal Conference was a day of nurturing the very essence of Findhorn. The Foundation chose next steps cards for this coming year, and then in the evening took part in a landmark video conference between the whole community and David Spangler in the USA.

cards.jpgYou may be familiar with Intuitive Solutions, the insight, setback and angel cards that were developed as part of The Transformation Game. We use these each year to help us focus on what we are transforming personally and collectively, look at what blocks our progress, and how to overcome the blocks. We were led through a meditation during which four members of the community chose our next steps cards:

Insight: You follow through on your commitments
Setback to that insight: I am right and therefore you must be wrong
Insight for working with the setback: You are radiant with Creativity

And finally an angelic quality to guide and support the process over the year: Simplicity.

Of course following through on our commitments means that we have to be clear about what our commitments are! This immediately invited me to think of Dorothy Maclean’s renewed presence in the community, and the current strengthening of our links with David Spangler who was so vital to the community’s work during the 70s. For me, our commitments as a community are simple – learning to maintain our inner connection to wisdom (some people like to call it to the God within), and then bringing that conscious connection through into all of our activities – service.

So our task is to follow through on this, now more than ever before, and to be mindful when the ‘I am right and therefore you must be wrong’ kind of thinking kicks in – and it can be subtle. It’s just good information about the disconnected state of mind we often find ourselves in, and is a powerful reminder for us all.


Connecting with David Spangler via a live video conference in the evening was just an amazing experience. David is very inspirational when he talks about cultivating a consciousness that is connected to an infinite source of possibility, and how this consciousness can help to create a new and positive future for our world.

He says that miracles are possible if we do not close down to all the potentialities – and these include both positive and negative scenarios. He says that if we become too focused on one view of things, we miss out on important information. Having 360 degrees awareness is the key to being open to what’s in front of us right now, and helping a miracle to happen.

The Findhorn community is celebrating our reconnection with David and looking forward to our new collaborative course with David and the Lorian Association,
Living Whole, launching in March.

Eva Ward

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