Findhorn Foundation Internal Conference

January 11, 2010

Every year we joke that our internal conference is a time for everyone to have an internal conference with themselves as well as with others in the Findhorn Foundation. To slow down, check in deeply and connect with our innermost selves, using this time while it is still so dark and cold outside to see what is wintering under the surface, and to turn towards what is emerging and will be new in the spring.

We started today by playing games – the same kinds of games that we invite our Experience Week participants to play as they get to know each other and themselves at the beginning of the week. I love playing these games so much, I would like us to play every month, or even every week! It never fails to amaze me how quick a route it is straight to my heart.

jda.jpgA highlight this afternoon, the first day of our week-long conference, was sitting and chatting in the Hall with Dorothy Maclean who made herself available to answer all the questions we have, some about the early days of the Findhorn Community and some going more deeply into what we mean when we talk about co-creation with nature. Her simplicity, dedication to the truth, and desire to inspire us is so incredibly touching. The more I get to know her since she returned to the community, the more my respect and love for her grows.

Dorothy encouraged us to ask inside for the help we need to find our way to our source, or to the God within – we all get lost, but she says all we have to do is keep asking for the way to be shown, and to trust ourselves. She also encouraged us each to ask that the Findhorn Community continues to know and live its purpose in the world, connecting people with their inner divinity and from that place co-creating with nature, people and the world around us.

With our management team focaliser, Ana Rhodes Castro, and Judy McAllister to support the session, I felt we collectively moved deeper into the knowledge that what we are doing as a community to support the birth and growth of a new and interconnected consciousness, is truly what will bring positive change for people and planet.

I feel deep thanks for all who engage with Findhorn, for all who come here and lend a hand and heart, and for everyone, everywhere who is doing their best to make a positive difference in the world. I wonder what the next few days will bring . . .

Eva Ward


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