The Gentleman and the Faun

the gentleman and the faunDecember 21, 2009

Have you ever wondered if the elves, gnomes and fauns of myth and legend really exist, and what roles they might play here on Earth?

If so, then you might find your answers in the inspiring new book from Findhorn Press, The Gentleman and the Faun with the companion double CD Encounters with Pan and the Elemental Kingdoms. They relate the remarkable yet down to earth journey of a well known and much loved figure from the early days of the Findhorn Community, R. Ogilvie Crombie (Roc) in his unexpected and delightful encounters with the elemental kingdom.

As a child, Roc made a wish as he dropped a penny into a wishing well, asking for the ability to see fairies and to talk to them. We are invited to follow Roc’s path in The Gentleman and the Faun as many years later, he meets the faun Kurmos in the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, discovering in the process the realm of the elementals, eventually meeting the great god Pan himself.Through his experiences Roc becomes closely involved with the Findhorn Foundation Community, where he meets further elementals who give him sound advice as to how the gardens should be cared for in order to work in harmony with nature. The Gentleman and the Faun includes chapters by Mike Scott, David Spangler, Dorothy Maclean and Brian Nobbs, bringing Roc’s amazing story into the 21st century.

Encounters with PanWith Encounters with Pan and the Elemental Kingdoms now available on CD comes the oppourtunity to hear Roc’s experiences in his own words. Originally made for the audiotapes Elemental Kingdom and Conversations with Pan in 1972–74, these fascinating recordings have now been remastered, giving us the chance to share in Roc’s remarkable meetings as he describes his own personal experience of meeting the elementals (or nature spirits) in various parts of Scotland, including his meetings with Pan in Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Garden. Through their conversations Roc begins to understand, respect and love the elemental kingdom, realising that man’s cooperation with nature is vitally important in order to restore balance, wholeness and harmony on Earth.

Today more than ever, The Gentleman and the Faun and Encounters with Pan and the Elemental Kingdoms are a reminder to us all of the importance of our relationship with the nature kingdom. These new releases from Findhorn Press enable the reader to learn how to work in harmony with the elementals and perhaps, just perhaps, to actually meet these enchanting beings, the guardians of nature. As Roc reminds us,“To anyone who may have expressed a wish to see and talk to nature spirits… remember it took 63 years for my wish to be granted and don’t lose hope.”

Both The Gentleman and the Faun and Encounters with Pan and the Elemental Kingdoms are available to buy from the Findhorn Press website.

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