Opening to new possibility

We are delighted to share that the Findhorn Foundation and the Lorian Center for Incarnation Spirituality are actively working together to further our exploration and practices in the frontiers of cooperation between the natural world and humanity. It is good to remember that it was through a partnership with what Dorothy Maclean calls ‘the spiritual intelligences of nature’ that the famous Findhorn garden and its impossibly large ‘beach’ cabbages initially came about!

Since those early days, David Spangler, co-director of Findhorn in the 70s, Dorothy Maclean and others went on to develop the Lorian Association, which has focused on creating programmes that introduce skills, capacities and strategies for accessing personal spiritual resources and building co-creative partnerships with different dimensions of life. In their experience, by learning to be actively in relationship with more of life than we ordinarily allow, we can open to unexpected possibilities – whether they be co-creating in the garden, with fellow human beings, our homes or working spaces, or the technology we use.

Given the state of our world and its challenges, it feels right that we draw on these skills and resources and engage in more rigorous exploration of co-creative possibilities. Now, more than ever, we are being called to individually and collectively partner appropriately with the Whole of life, and enable today’s equivalent of those early cabbages to bloom!

In the first part of deepening into this area, we are offering a three month programme, part residential and part on-line with David Spangler, to both the general public as well as our Findhorn staff. We have called it Living Whole: Shaping a future of grace, beauty and sustainability. In it, we will introduce and explore the spiritual resources accessible to us, develop and deepen practices of awareness and attunement to intelligence of nature and other inner ecologies of life, and establish co-creative relationship with others in a personal practice of service.

For further information click here.

To hear two talks on ‘Living Whole’ given by David Spangler to the Findhorn community in the Universal Hall in January and February of this year, click here.

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