Caroline Myss: Defy Gravity, Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason

by Avalon dos Santos, 20th November 2009

The Universal Hall welcomed over 100 people from all over the world for this special event on 14-16 November 2009. Visionary author and intuitive Caroline Myss introduced the subject of her new book, Defy Gravity, which explores the mystical qualities involved in the experience of healing. She described this book as an accumulation of all the information she has discovered over the years.

Caroline urged us to see beyond the need to find logical reasons for why illnesses develop and to instead focus on their own personal transformation. We were each asked to identify an illness or personal crisis that we would like to heal. This was what we would be working on throughout the weekend in order to transform and release ourselves from our own woundology (allowing our pain to victimise us and in turn blocking the healing process).

Caroline Myss in the Universal HallShe told us that many of the methods used in the holistic healing model are not actually capable of helping a person back to complete health. The missing factor is the understanding of the mystical nature of consciousness and how to transcend the limitations of everyday thinking.

According to Caroline, profound and lasting healings are mystical in nature, and because the intellect cannot create these experiences, they cannot be generated by the power of reason and the mind. Mystical experiences are spontaneous occurrences of a highly divine nature that originate within the soul, which is the source that contains the ability to heal illness. Moving beyond our power of reason and crossing the threshold into the domain of the soul was a big part of the our work in this workshop.

Teresa of Ávila said, “The soul is a diamond with seven mansions.” Caroline has taken this concept and built upon it using her own material covering the seven chakras. We explored our seven shadow passions, building an empowered inner self around our seven inherent graces and learning how to work with the mystical laws that govern them.Caroline Myss in the Universal HallShadows such as Pride, Greed, Luxury, Wrath, Gluttony, Envy and Sloth are often where we spend most of our energy and we become consumed by them. The graces of Reverence, Piety, Understanding, Fortitude, Council, Knowledge and Wisdom are forces greater than us and create transformation. This knowledge holds the key to understanding what it means to defy gravity and break through the boundaries of ordinary thought.

During the weekend Caroline and other workshop participants were moved to tears by the profound realisations and touching stories being shared in the Hall.

Caroline closed by saying that prayer takes us away from the five physical senses and awakens our sacred senses. She then led a beautiful prayer with the theme that all things are possible.

At the end of our three days together Caroline received a standing ovation, everybody felt that they had been part of something very special, an event to remember.

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