Grass Roots – New Shoots – a festival with a difference

In these uncertain times, one thing is certain: we have never been here before! The opportunity facing us in these troubled times is how to make the transition to a more sustainable way of living, and this is the theme of The Findhorn Community’s Easter Celebration and Spring Festival: Grass Roots – New Shoots.

This is a festival with a difference, dedicated to celebrating resilience. We aim to support individuals, families and communities to fulfil their potential to live happy and holistic lives and in shaping our futures and unfolding the new.

The idea for the festival arose out of last year’s Positive Energy Conference here at Findhorn, which explored creative community responses to peak oil and climate change. Many of the challenging issues raised in the conference are making even more headlines: peak oil, runaway climate change and economic recession.

During these times what does it take to keep our whole being open – eyes, heart and mind? How do we stay conscious of the challenges and yet hold a positive outlook? How do we maintain a vision of renewal, of new shoots – even when situations are difficult and immediate solutions may not easily be found?

According to experts in the field, what is being asked of us is to create a global grass roots movement, bringing about a shift in consciousness that takes us toward realising our ‘interconnectedness’ with all of life.

Since our beginning in 1962 the Findhorn Foundation Community has been engaging deeply with these issues, exploring how our way of living together and the values we embrace can support us through changing times. The Community is now a world renowned centre for spiritual education and an ecovillage. It has its roots in the deep inner commitment and resilience of three individuals: Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclean. Their intense inner and outer work in co-creation with nature is a clear demonstration of what the human spirit is able to create and transform.

The inspiration for our Grass Roots – New Shoots festival draws on this legacy and the urgency of these times, and it is inspired by our potential to create together a sustainable future.

Through the week we will engage in practical and artistic projects on the land. Drawing on the power of myth, we create a ritual journey through storytelling, poetry, music and dance, celebrating nature and welcoming the life-renewing energies of spring.

This time together is for nourishment, inspiration and support for us all, so that we find the inner and outer strength and softness needed to allow the new in our own lives, in our families and in our own communities. Through Open Space and Deep Ecology activities we will engage in deep listening to our selves and each other. We envision a week where we live the myth of renewal, that is much needed in these times.

We welcome people of all ages who feel inspired to join us and invite you to come and create with us!

If not now: when? If not here: where? If not us: who?

Hanna Morjan and Nadasree Georgete Gadas

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