Winter Solstice at Findhorn

This year’s Winter Solstice meditation was led by former Foundation Chair of Management and community stalwart, Judy McAllister. This is a time that is cherished by many in the community as a highlight of the year and we were very fortunate to have Judy visiting with us for an extended period. What follows is a transcript of the ritual kindly offered by Judy.

Welcome to Findhorn’s Winter Solsticeꀠ08 meditation.

If memory serves me correctly this is the 21st anniversary of our celebrating together in this way.

For many, this time is known as the festival of light – a time of touching into light, into spirit.


At this time of year when outer life becomes dormant, the inner levels busy themselves with impregnating the earth, with quickening the energetic seed within the soil. Here in the northern hemisphere, life meditates upon itself, affirming its true identity in preparation for the bursting forth of spring. In the south of course, other members of our human family are celebrating Summer solstice, the height of outer level activity.ꂺlance.

As physical, incarnate individuals we can be a generative source of spiritual energy. All the more so when we gather together consciously for that purpose. We can cooperate with the physical, non-human and the non-physical non-human allies constantly present amongst us. Together with them we can nurture a new cycle, a new world, into existence.

The renewal of the powerful flow of spiritual energy into the world can begin with us, right here, right now. Gathering in this way, we can magnetise the energetic seed points for a new year, a new cycle for all of us, for this centre, for all life, all beings.

As we sit here together in this glorious space, we are held, loved, blessed. We are given unto by all life. That gifting is done in celebration of the power and nature of life itself. Spirit gives to us of itself. And we can give back. There is a richness in this incarnated state that we occupy that holds enormous possibilities and potentials. So with that sense of being gifted, aware of our power to gift unto others, let us enter into this solstice meditation – releasing, opening and receiving at this potent time of the year, for the benefit of all beings.

Guided Meditation

Let’s take time initially to relax and settle into the peace and beauty and love within ourselves. To rest in our own source.

To open in heart, in mind and spirit to one another and to see us linked as a community – the one physically present here in the Hall and all those others not present – where ever they may be on the planet.

To invite, welcome, and acknowledge the guides, guardians and teachers of this centre.

To open to and welcome the elemental beings of earth, air, fire and water.

To open to and welcome the devic and angelic forces constantly present amongst us.

To acknowledge the source of life itself – presence – by whatever name we know and recognise it.

Together in this company, seen and unseen, to open to and hold a space into which all the energies of a new cycle can be poured. To magnetise the matrix of energetic seed points that will unfold in us, and through us, in the coming year.


A period of silence followed, then the guided meditation continued….

To bless these seeds with our love, to bless them with our will to good for each other, for this community, for this planetary centre. To add our will to good for all life, for all beings, that these seeds may unfold and flourish.

As we entrust these seeds to life itself let us also affirm our knowing that they shall unfold in perfect ways and in perfect timing in the year ahead. We give thanks in advance that this is so.

Another brief silence followed….

Releasing the angel of Awakening for 2008
We then turned our attention to releasing the angel of Awakening. Those present meditated while Foundation staff member Ursula Pfahler entered the spiral to begin the walking meditation. We focused on how we as individuals had experienced this quality, what had awakened in us. Next we turned the focus to what we had witnessed being awakened in those around us, and in the community. We gave thanks to this quality, affirming its enhanced presence amongst and within us all.ꂯfirming the reality of how it remains available within us constantly.


Choosing an angel quality for 2009
Then as Ursula stood at the centre, we opened a space into which a new angel to overlight us in 2009 could flow. As Ursula lit the small candle and began to walk out of the spiral we collectively opened to a new quality – one that could support and assist us as those seeds unfold – a quality to support our common unity in the coming year. 

A brief silence followed….

Ursula chose the angel of Surrender which we then welcomed. People were asked to ponder on how they might personally work with the quality, and then to reflect on how we could work with it collectively. We visualised this quality filling us, filling the Hall and moving out into the whole of the community, in all its diversity. We invited it to infuse all our relationships, interactions, activities and negotiations with one another in the year ahead. We then moved into a time of silence, opening to messages, impressions, or gifts from this quality.

Finally we asked for a blessing on each and all of us, that we might fulfil our purposes as individuals, as a community and as a centre of planetary service. We affirmed the renewal of light in this moment and in the coming year – the presence of love in this moment and in the coming year – and asked that wisdom prevail, now and always. We ended by releasing the energy gathered during our time together out into the world for the benefit of all beings, seen and unseen.

Opening the Spiral to All
As is our long-held tradition, the spiral was then opened to community members to walk and reflect and choose their individual angel qualities to support them for the coming year.

Judy McAllister
Winter Solstice 2008

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