Miracles Do Happen in Findhorn

If you had told me two years ago what was to come in my life I would not have believed you, even if you had a PhD in reading the Akashic records (thought to contain all knowledge of human experience, and the history of the cosmos, on a non-physical plane of existence)….

When I moved to Findhorn at the end of 2005, I had been ‘married’ to homeopathy more than 18 years and had just handed over my own General Practice in the Black Forest in Germany.

In Findhorn I started off with the three-month programme Essence of the Arts. At the end of the programme, we did a meditation called ‘next steps,’ in which I saw myself dancing and potting, both of which I was already engaged in doing. Then I saw myself throwing a handstand on the potter’s wheel and, in the next second, I found myself high up in the air in the centre of a huge circus tent on a trapeze. I am not one who used to dream as a little girl of becoming a trapeze artist and joining the circus. On the contrary, my life had had NOTHING to do with the circus so far. As I had always been a complete failure in sports, which I felt pretty embarrassed about as my Mother was a sport’s teacher, and had been struggling with fear of heights even hill walking, I simply could not imagine myself on a trapeze.


A friend suggested, ‘It is probably symbolic, life is a circus anyway.’ So I put this vision way off as science fiction. But still, once in a while I would dream into how it might feel to be in a circus and I liked it. Have you noticed that the Angel of Faith in the InnerLinks angel card deck is on a flying trapeze?

About one year later the new guy in the 5 Rhythms Dance class asked me afterwards, ‘Do you think I could put up a trapeze here in the Universal Hall?’ and added, ‘I can teach you.’

A month later Nicolas and me had our first class on the static trapeze; and to my huge surprise, I can do it. Learning the trapeze has been an amazing journey of ‘grit and grace’ for me. Over and over again I have confronted my fears and walked through them, trusting my teacher, ‘Piece of cake!’ When I rigged my ‘tree peace’ by myself for the first time, I wound up in a tree looking down and thinking, ‘Oops, this is high.’ Paradise lies beyond my comfort zone, way beyond….


On the other hand, I experience the trapeze as grace, ‘Point your toes!’, making me aware of the fragility of life and that in truth all of life is pure grace. In a tree I feel far more safe than inside with a crash mat underneath, unless I ask the spirit of the tree to be present.

Playing trapeze is THE spiritual practice for me; on the dance floor I can still write shopping lists in my head, but up in the air I need to be present in the moment. Finding the serious homeopath as a clown on a trapeze has completely taken apart my identity box. I fully enjoy playing the trapeze now. Most beautiful is to play outside in a tree, to see the sunlight from upside down falling through the foliage; or have an owl watch at dusk.


My initiation took place last summer at Circus Maniacs in Bristol during the two weeks adult summer intensive school: Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., one hour lunch break, fulltime training in aerial skills, in a group about half my age on average and most of them really fit, for example one Gold Medal winner in diving. Here you go, Almut; so I had to put everything I had ever learned about self-healing and spirituality into practice. Otherwise, I would end up in agony and totally exhausted. With God it was fantastic.

Playing aerials together builds a higher level of community than I had known so far. In the Findhorn Community we depend on each other for daily community tasks such as homecare – cleaning and KP – dishwashing. As aerialists we depend on each other with our very lives. Without taking time to share stories, we got to know each other very intimately. Despite the fact that the rest of the group was so much younger, and came from very different backgrounds than me, I have never felt such a sense of belonging as in this group, sharing our passion and enthusiasm, and trusting each other with our very lives.


Sometimes I feel like childhood dreams got mixed up – others living mine, having a family with four children and a beautiful house with many guests; and I am living those of others – trapeze artist – probably to make me realise we are all ONE ☺.

You can see me live on Youtube as The Plum Tree Fairy.

I cannot force a miracle; the power of LOVE creates MIRACLES.

My Vision of Heaven on Earth is a world-wide Nature Circus, that is, all of life cocreating the most amazing beauty and miracles together. We all consciously experience God’s LOVE constantly. The former military air base hangars we use as circus tents now, because, of course, there is PEACE ON EARTH.


Yours, Almut
December 2008

Dr. Almut Brandl is a General Practitioner and homeopath living in Scotland as part of the Findhorn Foundation and Community.

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